2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
February 13, 2024 - Offered by Representative Brooks.
AB969-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB969-AA1,1,3 21. Page 4, line 19: delete the material beginning with that line and ending with
3page 5, line 12, and substitute:
AB969-AA1,1,4 4 Section 7m. 75.35 (3) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB969-AA1,2,85 75.35 (3) Preference to Right of former owner to repurchase. The county
6board may, at its option, shall by ordinance provide that in prior to the sale of
7tax-deeded lands, the former owner who lost his or her title through delinquent tax
8collection enforcement procedure, or his or her beneficiaries, as defined in s. 851.03,
heirs, may be given such preference in as defined in s. 851.09, shall have the right
10to purchase such lands as such ordinance shall provide. Such ordinance may provide
11that such sale be
by paying the county for all costs and expenses incurred as provided
12under s. 75.36 (3) (a) plus the amount of property taxes that would have been owed
13on the property for the year during which the purchase occurs if the county had not

1acquired the property. Any sale under such ordinance
is exempt from any or all
2provisions of s. 75.69 if the net proceeds from the sale to the former owner as
3determined under s. 75.36 (3) will be sufficient to pay all special assessments and
4special charges to which the property is subject, including interest imposed under s.
574.47, or if the county settles in full with the taxing jurisdiction for special
6assessments, as defined in s. 75.36 (1), to which the property is subject. Such
7ordinance shall not apply to tax-deeded lands which have been improved for or
8dedicated to a public use by the county subsequent to its acquisition thereof
AB969-AA1,2,9 92. Page 6, line 21: after that line insert:
AB969-AA1,2,10 10 Section 14d. 75.69 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB969-AA1,3,711 75.69 (1) Except as provided in sub. (1m), no tax delinquent real estate
12acquired by a county may be sold unless the sale and appraised value of such real
13estate has first been advertised by publication of a class 3 notice, under ch. 985.
14Except as provided in s. 75.35 (2) (ag), a county shall publish the notice no later than
1590 days after the date on which the county acquires the tax-deeded land unless the
16tax-deeded land is subject to a residential lease and occupied by the tenant in which
17case the notice shall be published no later than 180 days after the date on which the
18county acquires the tax-deeded land.
Any county may accept the bid most
19advantageous to it but, at the first attempt to sell the property, every bid less than
20the appraised value of the property shall be rejected. Any county is authorized to sell
21for any amount any land previously advertised for sale after advertising the sale of
22such land by publication of a class 1 notice, under ch. 985; except that no property
23may be sold for an amount that is less than the property's appraised value unless the
24county board or a committee designated by the county board has reviewed and

1approved such a sale and no property may be sold for an amount that is less than the
2amount of the highest bid unless the county board or a committee designated by the
3county board prepares a written statement, available for public inspection, that
4explains the reasons for accepting a bid that is less than the highest bid. In this
5subsection, “appraised value" means the value determined, at the discretion of the
6county board, by the county board, a committee designated by the county board, or
7a certified appraiser, as defined in s. 458.01 (7).
AB969-AA1,14e 8Section 14e. 75.69 (1m) (a) of the statutes is repealed.
AB969-AA1,14f 9Section 14f. 75.69 (1m) (am) of the statutes is created to read:
AB969-AA1,3,1310 75.69 (1m) (am) Notwithstanding sub. (1), if a property is located in a county
11with a population of 750,000 or more, the county shall publish the notice under s.
1275.69 (1) no later than 36 months after the day in which the county acquires the
13property, if the property meets any of the of the following criteria:
AB969-AA1,3,1514 1. The property is subject to a redemption or sale-back process authorized by
15s. 75.35 (3) and set by local ordinance.
AB969-AA1,3,1616 2. The property qualifies for a raze order under s. 66.0413.
AB969-AA1,3,1817 3. The county has estimated a cost of repair that exceeds 50 percent of the
18property's assessed value in the year of the county's acquisition.
AB969-AA1,3,2119 4. The delinquent property taxes, fees, interest, penalties, and other costs
20under s. 75.36 (3) (a) exceed 75 percent of the property's assessed value in the year
21of the county's acquisition.
AB969-AA1,3,2322 5. The county has reason to believe the property is a brownfield pursuant to s.
23238.13 (1) (a).
AB969-AA1,3,2424 6. The property is subject to s. 75.106.”.