2023 Senate Joint Resolution 68
Relating to: proclaiming September 17, 2023, as Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day in Wisconsin.
Whereas, Kleefstra syndrome is rare genetic disorder characterized by intellectual disability and often accompanied by a spectrum of complex physical and clinical features; and
Whereas, Kleefstra syndrome is primarily caused by a tiny missing piece from the end of chromosome 9 but may also be caused by genetic mutation or intragenic duplication; and
Whereas, Kleefstra syndrome presents as a wide range of symptoms and an even wider range in the severity of those symptoms, due in part to the number of damaged or deleted genes in the 9q34.3 region of chromosome 9; and
Whereas, most cases of Kleefstra syndrome are not inherited from either parent, and only rarely have individuals with Kleefstra syndrome been known to pass the disorder on to their children; and
Whereas, addressing the complex medical needs of people with Kleefstra syndrome early in life is imperative to helping families successfully care for their children who are affected by the syndrome; and
Whereas, the need for more education, awareness, and support for families dealing with Kleefstra syndrome is essential; and
Whereas, Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day is observed on September 17 because the majority of members of this community have a deletion on chromosome 9 in the 9q34.3 region, and the ninth month of the year is September, and the 17th letter of the alphabet is q; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the Wisconsin Legislature proclaim September 17, 2023, as Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day in Wisconsin.