Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Sixth Regular Session
  TUESDAY, February 7, 2023
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist162166Assembly Resolution 4
Relating to: recognizing February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day in the state of Wisconsin.
By Representative Knodl.
hist162180To committee on Rules.
hist161735Assembly Bill 6
Relating to: uniform course numbering and the transfer of course credits among technical colleges and University of Wisconsin System schools, and eliminating certain restrictions on the respective educational roles of the University of Wisconsin System and the Technical College System.
By Representatives Murphy, Rettinger, Penterman, Brandtjen, Brooks, Maxey, Mursau, Ortiz-Velez, Rodriguez, Tusler, Wichgers, Zimmerman, Bodden and Allen; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Felzkowski, Nass and Wanggaard.
hist162181To committee on State Affairs.
hist161736Assembly Bill 7
Relating to: tuition and fee remission for certain veterans and their dependents enrolled in the University of Wisconsin System or a technical college.
By Representatives Murphy, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Donovan, Mursau, Ortiz-Velez, Plumer, Shankland, Sinicki, Tusler and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Ballweg and Carpenter.
hist162182To committee on State Affairs.
hist161737Assembly Bill 8
Relating to: expanding veterans benefits to individuals who served in Laos in support of the United States during the Vietnam War.
By Representatives Murphy, Armstrong, Baldeh, Brandtjen, Cabrera, Donovan, Gustafson, Kitchens, Mursau, Ortiz-Velez, Penterman, Pronschinske, Shankland, Sinicki, Snodgrass, Subeck, Tittl, Tusler and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Wanggaard, Carpenter, Hesselbein, Pfaff and Spreitzer.
hist162183To committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.
hist161712Assembly Bill 9
Relating to: use of epinephrine delivery systems and standing orders for epinephrine.
By Representatives Sortwell, Goeben, Shankland, Brandtjen, Brooks, Cabrera, Knodl, Moses, Murphy, Rozar, Subeck, Tittl, Tusler, Wichgers and Vining; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Ballweg, Cowles, Spreitzer and Wanggaard.
hist162184To committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care.
hist161715Assembly Bill 10
Relating to: eliminating the land recycling loan program.
By Representatives Penterman, O'Connor, Armstrong, Kitchens, Mursau and Spiros; cosponsored by Senators Cowles, Ballweg, Marklein, Nass and Smith.
hist162185To committee on Environment.
hist161717Assembly Bill 11
Relating to: fee waivers for state park vehicle admission receipts to parents or guardians of 4th grade pupils and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Kitchens, Bodden, Tusler, Rozar, Mursau, Vining, Joers, Conley, Considine, Cabrera, Subeck, Stubbs, J. Anderson, Ratcliff, Sinicki, Snodgrass, Shankland and Jacobson; cosponsored by Senators Cowles, Agard, Cabral-Guevara, Spreitzer, Taylor, Hesselbein and Smith.
hist162186To committee on Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation.
hist161718Assembly Bill 12
Relating to: tuition and fee remission or grants for certain veterans and their dependents enrolled in the University of Wisconsin System, a technical college, or a private nonprofit institution of higher education; and the University of Wisconsin System nonresident tuition exemption for certain veterans.
By Representatives Kitchens, Kurtz, Steffen, Novak, Myers, Spiros, Armstrong, Ortiz-Velez, Rozar, Macco, Murphy, Green, Mursau, Edming, Duchow and Shankland; cosponsored by Senators Wimberger, Ballweg, Cowles and Taylor.
hist162187To committee on Colleges and Universities.
hist161719Assembly Bill 13
Relating to: access to an original impounded birth record.
By Representatives Tittl, Armstrong, Brandtjen, Gundrum, Murphy, Mursau, Tusler and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, James, Marklein, Taylor and Tomczyk.
hist162188To committee on Children and Families.
hist161720Assembly Bill 14
Relating to: repair and replacement of implements of husbandry under warranty.
By Representatives Tittl, Pronschinske, Edming, Murphy, Mursau, Rozar, Tusler and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senator Jacque.
hist162189To committee on Consumer Protection.
hist161721Assembly Bill 15
Relating to: pupil or minor access to harmful material in public libraries and to harmful material or offensive material in public schools.
By Representatives Tittl, Sortwell, Allen, Binsfeld, Goeben, Green, Gundrum, Magnafici, Murphy, Penterman, Schraa, Tusler, Wichgers and Bodden; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Quinn and Tomczyk.
hist162190To committee on Education.
hist161722Assembly Bill 16
Relating to: the value of tangible personal property allowed in state correctional facilities.
By Representatives Tittl, Allen, Armstrong, Dittrich, Donovan, Edming, Mursau, Ortiz-Velez, Rozar, Sapik, Spiros, Subeck and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators James, Ballweg, Cowles, Marklein, Roys, Spreitzer and Wanggaard.
hist162191To committee on Corrections.
hist161724Assembly Bill 17
Relating to: expanding the treatment alternatives and diversion programs.
By Representatives Tittl, Goyke, C. Anderson, J. Anderson, Andraca, Baldeh, Bare, Billings, Cabrera, Clancy, Conley, Considine, Doyle, Emerson, Haywood, Hong, Joers, Krug, Madison, Moore Omokunde, Mursau, Novak, Ohnstad, Ortiz-Velez, Riemer, Rozar, Schraa, Shelton, Sinicki, Snodgrass, Snyder, Spiros, Subeck, Vining, Wichgers, Shankland and Jacobson; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Spreitzer, Cabral-Guevara, Carpenter, Felzkowski, Hesselbein, James, Roys, Taylor and Wirch.
hist162192To committee on Judiciary.
hist161725Assembly Bill 18
Relating to: rehired teacher annuitants.
By Representatives Tittl, Penterman, Baldeh, Knodl, Murphy, Mursau, Myers, Rozar, Schraa, Spiros, Tusler, VanderMeer and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Ballweg, Cabral-Guevara, Quinn and Wanggaard.
hist162193To committee on State Affairs.
hist161743Assembly Bill 19
Relating to: spinal cord injury research grants and symposia and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Tittl, Wittke, J. Anderson, Bare, Baldeh, Cabrera, Clancy, Conley, Duchow, Gundrum, Haywood, Madison, Magnafici, Mursau, O'Connor, Ortiz-Velez, Riemer, Rozar, Sinicki, Spiros, Subeck, Summerfield, Tusler and Vining; cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard, Carpenter, Cabral-Guevara, Hesselbein, James, Spreitzer, Taylor and Tomczyk.
hist162194To committee on Colleges and Universities.
hist161744Assembly Bill 20
Relating to: the sales and use tax exemption for electricity and natural gas sold for residential use.
By Representatives Murphy, Allen, Baldeh, Behnke, Bodden, Brandtjen, Edming, Gustafson, Mursau, Rettinger, Tittl, Tusler and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Ballweg, Carpenter and Nass.
hist162195To committee on Ways and Means.