Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Blazel:
hist165675Please add my name as a cosponsor of Assembly Joint Resolution 29, relating to proclaiming May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month.
State Senator
7th Senate District
State of Wisconsin
Legislative Reference Bureau

Date:   April 24, 2023
To:   Edward A. Blazel, Assembly Chief Clerk
From:   Jill Kauffman, Senior Legislative Editor
Subject: Rules published in the April, 2023 Wisconsin Administrative Register, No. 808.
The following rules have been published:
Clearinghouse Rule 22-009 effective 5-1-2023
Clearinghouse Rule 22-041 effective 5-1-2023
Clearinghouse Rule 22-042 effective 5-1-2023
Clearinghouse Rule 22-057 effective 5-1-2023
Clearinghouse Rule 22-062 effective 5-1-2023
Enrolled Joint Resolution
The following Assembly Joint Resolution has been enrolled and deposited in the Office of the Secretary of
  Enrolled Date   Deposit Date
hist165544AJR 28   April 20, 2023   April 21, 2023