One-Hundred and Sixth Regular Session
  MONDAY, May 8, 2023
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist165798Assembly Resolution 10
Relating to: honoring the life and public service of Representative Karl Van Roy.
By Representatives Behnke, August, Binsfeld, Conley, Donovan, Drake, Macco, Murphy, Mursau, O'Connor, Penterman, Sortwell, Stubbs, Tittl, Tranel and Vos.
hist166161To committee on Rules.
hist165181Assembly Joint Resolution 38
Relating to: proclaiming June 2, 2023, as Gun Violence Awareness Day in Wisconsin.
By Representatives Andraca, Stubbs, C. Anderson, J. Anderson, Baldeh, Bare, Cabrera, Conley, Considine, Donovan, Drake, Emerson, Goyke, Haywood, Jacobson, Joers, Madison, McGuire, Moore Omokunde, Myers, Neubauer, Ohnstad, Ortiz-Velez, Palmeri, Ratcliff, Shelton, Sinicki, Snodgrass, Subeck and Vining; cosponsored by Senators L. Johnson, Carpenter, Roys, Spreitzer, Agard, Larson, Hesselbein, Smith and Taylor.
hist166155To committee on Rules.
hist165831Assembly Joint Resolution 39
Relating to: proclaiming June 12, 2023, as Ronald Reagan Freedom Day in Wisconsin.
By Representatives Tittl, Armstrong, Binsfeld, Dittrich, Edming, Gundrum, S. Johnson, Kitchens, Magnafici, Moses, Murphy, Mursau, Nedweski, Novak, O'Connor, Penterman, Petryk, Rettinger, Rozar and Steffen; cosponsored by Senators James, Cabral-Guevara, Felzkowski, Marklein and Nass.
hist166160To committee on Rules.
hist166058Assembly Joint Resolution 40
Relating to: celebrating May 5, 2023, as Skilled Trades Day in Wisconsin.
By Representatives Moses, Armstrong, Binsfeld, Edming, Green, Kitchens, Murphy, Mursau, Myers, Novak, O'Connor, Palmeri, Petryk, Penterman, Rettinger, Rozar, Schraa, Shelton, Sinicki, Spiros, Steffen, Tittl, Tranel and VanderMeer; cosponsored by Senators Feyen, Ballweg, Cowles, Marklein, Nass, Spreitzer, Wirch and Felzkowski.
hist166159To committee on Rules.
hist165078Assembly Bill 246
Relating to: the membership of a human growth and development curriculum advisory committee.
By Representatives Binsfeld, Allen, Armstrong, Bodden, Brandtjen, Dittrich, Maxey, Michalski, Nedweski, O'Connor, Schmidt and Steffen; cosponsored by Senators Ballweg, Marklein and Wanggaard.
hist166137To committee on Education.
hist165086Assembly Bill 247
Relating to: prohibitions on the use of public employees and public property for activities relating to abortion.
By Representatives Behnke, Wichgers, Bodden, Brandtjen, Maxey, Rettinger, Schmidt and Schraa; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Quinn and Stroebel.
hist166138To committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care.
hist165115Assembly Bill 248
Relating to: allowing certain married persons to claim the earned income tax credit when filing a separate return.
By Representatives Tittl, Conley, Allen, C. Anderson, Behnke, Baldeh, Brandtjen, Considine, Donovan, Joers, Mursau, Ortiz-Velez, Palmeri, Stubbs, Subeck and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque and Spreitzer.
hist166139To committee on Ways and Means.
hist165116Assembly Bill 249
Relating to: expanding Wisconsin Works eligibility for at-risk pregnancy.
By Representatives Tittl, Conley, C. Anderson, Baldeh, Behnke, Brandtjen, Emerson, Joers, Mursau, Ohnstad, Ortiz-Velez, Palmeri, Schmidt, Stubbs, Subeck and Wichgers; cosponsored by Senators Jacque and Spreitzer.
hist166140To committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care.
hist165191Assembly Bill 250
Relating to: possession of a firearm on school grounds by school employees and fees for licenses to carry a concealed weapon.
By Representatives Allen, Behnke, Bodden, Brandtjen, Gundrum, Gustafson, Michalski, Murphy, Wichgers and Green; cosponsored by Senators Tomczyk, Cabral-Guevara, Nass and Quinn.
hist166141To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
hist165199Assembly Bill 251
Relating to: a tier I license issued by the Department of Public Instruction and modifying administrative rules promulgated by the Department of Public Instruction.
By Representatives Steffen, Armstrong, Behnke, Donovan, Goeben, Green, Gundrum, Hurd, Kitchens, Macco, Moses, Mursau, Novak, Plumer, Rettinger, Schraa and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators James, Ballweg, Cabral-Guevara, Cowles, Quinn, Testin and Tomczyk.
hist166142To committee on Children and Families.
hist165201Assembly Bill 252
Relating to: interception of oral communications by public bodies in public spaces.
By Representatives Steffen, Armstrong, Behnke, Bodden, Brandtjen, Brooks, Dittrich, Macco, Michalski, Murphy, Nedweski, Rozar, Schmidt and Sortwell; cosponsored by Senators Wimberger, Ballweg, Felzkowski and Marklein.
hist166143To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
hist165332Assembly Bill 253
Relating to: public access to wetlands benefitting from the in lieu fee subprogram.
By Representatives Mursau, Behnke, S. Johnson, Kitchens and O'Connor; cosponsored by Senator Cowles.
hist166144To committee on Environment.
hist165333Assembly Bill 254
Relating to: a wetland assured delineation program, extending the time limit for emergency rule procedures, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Mursau, Behnke, S. Johnson, Kitchens, O'Connor and Steffen; cosponsored by Senators Cowles and Ballweg.
hist166145To committee on Environment.
hist165614Assembly Bill 255
Relating to: creating a rural pharmacy practice grant program administered by the Higher Educational Aids Board, exempting from taxation amounts received from such a grant program, and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Dallman, Tranel, Brandtjen, Edming, Green, Gundrum, Murphy, Mursau, Novak, O'Connor, Oldenburg, Penterman and Swearingen; cosponsored by Senators Stafsholt and Nass.
hist166146To committee on Rural Development.
hist165615Assembly Bill 256
Relating to: increasing county and municipal aid payments and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Macco, O'Connor, Allen, Armstrong, Behnke, Dittrich, Gundrum, Magnafici and Schraa.
hist166147To committee on Local Government.
hist165663Assembly Bill 257
Relating to: patients' and residents' rights to visitors in a health care facility, restricting visitation, and liability for the actions of visitors.
By Representatives Wichgers, Maxey, Brandtjen, Murphy, Rettinger, Moses, Behnke and Allen; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Cabral-Guevara and Tomczyk.
hist166148To committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care.
hist165690Assembly Bill 258
Relating to: authorizing community solar programs and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Krug, Brooks, Tusler, Gundrum, Rozar, Allen, Binsfeld, Bodden, Maxey, Penterman and Schmidt; cosponsored by Senators Stroebel, Cabral-Guevara and Cowles.
hist166149To committee on Energy and Utilities.
hist165772Assembly Bill 259
Relating to: 100-day prescription drug supplies under SeniorCare and amending an administrative rule related to 100-day prescription drug supplies permitted under SeniorCare.
By Representatives Hurd, Edming, Schraa, Armstrong, Macco, Moses, Novak, Callahan, Tittl, Michalski, O'Connor, Kitchens, Murphy, Rozar, Tranel, Green, Sapik, Mursau, Gundrum, Summerfield, Brandtjen, Duchow, Petryk, Rettinger, Plumer, Brooks, Schmidt, Tusler and Maxey; cosponsored by Senators Quinn, Wanggaard, Feyen, Jacque, James, Cabral-Guevara, Tomczyk, Cowles and Marklein.
hist166150To committee on Health, Aging and Long-Term Care.
hist165806Assembly Bill 260
Relating to: open alcohol containers in or on all-terrain or utility terrain vehicles.
By Representatives Mursau, Andraca, Palmeri, Armstrong, Bare, Bodden, Conley, Gundrum, Jacobson, Joers, Rozar, Shelton, Snodgrass, Subeck and Rettinger; cosponsored by Senators Jacque, Larson, Smith, Spreitzer and Taylor.
hist166151To committee on State Affairs.
hist165828Assembly Bill 261
Relating to: payday loans.
By Representatives O'Connor, Rettinger, Penterman, Doyle, Subeck, Green, Wichgers and Allen; cosponsored by Senators Stafsholt, Spreitzer and Hesselbein.
hist166152To committee on Financial Institutions.
hist165829Assembly Bill 262
Relating to: phase-in changes to individual income tax rates and brackets.
By Representatives O'Connor, Macco, Allen, Armstrong, Wittke, Magnafici, Brandtjen, Murphy, Dittrich, Moses, Gundrum and Behnke.