2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
September 20, 2023 - Introduced by Senators Spreitzer, Ballweg, Larson and
Roys, cosponsored by Representatives C. Anderson, J. Anderson, Baldeh,
Bare, Cabrera, Emerson, Jacobson, Joers, Madison, Moore Omokunde,
Ohnstad, Ortiz-Velez, Palmeri, Ratcliff, Sinicki and Subeck. Referred to
Committee on Health.
SB441,1,2 1An Act to create 450.11 (1b) (a) 2. f. of the statutes; relating to: identification
2presentation for certain prescription drugs.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, certain drugs are classified in one of five separate schedules
based upon certain factors. Controlled substances that have a high potential for
abuse and no currently accepted medical use are included in schedule I. Controlled
substances that have an accepted medical use, have the lowest potential for abuse,
and produce the least dependence when compared with other controlled substances
are included in schedule V. In general, a schedule I controlled substance may not be
dispensed, even with a prescription. Current law also provides that a schedule II or
III controlled substance may not be dispensed unless the person who is picking up
the drug shows his or her identification card. Acceptable forms of identification
include a driver's license, a state identification card, a U.S. uniformed service card,
or a U.S. passport. Current law further requires that the name on the identification
card of the person to whom the controlled substance is dispensed be recorded in the
state's prescription drug monitoring program.
This bill adds an identification card or document issued by a foreign
government and bearing a photograph as an acceptable form of identification for the
aforementioned purposes.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
1Section 1. 450.11 (1b) (a) 2. f. of the statutes is created to read:
SB441,2,42 450.11 (1b) (a) 2. f. A card or document issued by a foreign government,
3evidencing an individual's nationality or residence, and bearing a photograph of the
SB441,2,55 (End)