2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
March 20, 2023 - Introduced by Senators LeMahieu and Kapenga, cosponsored by
Representatives August and Vos. Referred to Committee on Senate
SJR21,1,2 1Relating to: calling on the governor to call a special election to fill a vacancy in the
2Office of Secretary of State.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
This joint resolution calls on the governor to call a special election to fill a
vacancy in the Office of Secretary of State.
SJR21,1,43 Whereas, Secretary of State Douglas J. La Follette resigned the Office of
4Secretary of State on March 17, 2023, thereby creating a vacancy; and
SJR21,1,95 Whereas, the Office of Secretary of State is responsible for recording official acts
6of the executive branch, affixing the state's great seal to official documents, having
7custody of books and records of state government, maintaining and compiling
8enrolled laws and resolutions, and preserving and keeping deeds, conveyances,
9abstracts of title, and options and leases of land belonging to this state; and
SJR21,1,1210 Whereas, the voters of Wisconsin expect, deserve, and are entitled to select
11their state constitutional officers, including the secretary of state; now, therefore, be
1Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the Wisconsin
2State Legislature calls on Governor Tony Evers to exercise his powers under section
38.50 (4) (c) of the Wisconsin Statutes and call an immediate special election to fill the
4vacancy in the Office of Secretary of State.
SJR21,2,55 (End)