2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
April 14, 2023 - Introduced by Senators Marklein, Cowles, Felzkowski, Feyen,
Hesselbein, Pfaff, Spreitzer, Testin, Tomczyk, Wanggaard and Wimberger,
cosponsored by Representatives Mursau, Behnke, Green, Kurtz, Novak,
O'Connor, Oldenburg, Penterman, Petryk, Steffen, Tranel, S. Johnson,
Pronschinske, Schraa and Shelton. Referred to Committee on Senate
SJR28,1,2 1Relating to: honoring and commending the National Wild Turkey Federation upon
2its 50th anniversary.
SJR28,1,53 Whereas, it is fitting that the members of the Wisconsin State Legislature
4recognize those exemplary organizations that promote and protect the long-honored
5outdoor traditions of our nation; and
SJR28,1,86 Whereas, one such commendable organization is the National Wild Turkey
7Federation, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary of providing ceaseless support
8to science-based wildlife management, research, and habitat conservation; and
SJR28,1,109 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc., was incorporated on
10March 28, 1973, in Fredericksburg, Virginia; and
SJR28,2,211 Whereas, over the course of 50 years, the National Wild Turkey Federation, its
12chapters, and millions of members across the nation have worked with state, federal,
13and nongovernmental partners to promote the conservation of the wild turkey and
14the preservation of our hunting heritage, participating in one of the greatest

1conservation success stories in American history—the return of the wild turkey from
2the brink of extinction; and
SJR28,2,63 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation and its chapters and members
4have been at the vanguard of reversing declining hunting participation through
5nationwide investment in hunter recruitment, retention and reactivation efforts;
SJR28,2,97 Whereas, the organization and its chapters and members have partnered with
8states to develop opportunities to engage people from all walks of life in the outdoors
9tradition; and
SJR28,2,1110 Whereas, since 2012, the organization has recruited and reactivated more than
111.5 million hunters; and
SJR28,2,1712 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation and its chapters and members
13have invested more than half a billion dollars to conserve or enhance more than 22
14million acres of critical wildlife habitat, forests, and grasslands across public and
15private lands since 1985, while also providing more than $8.5 million in research
16throughout North America to ensure healthy wild turkey populations into the
17future; and
SJR28,2,2218 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation is the largest and
19longest-serving nongovernmental stewardship partner of the United States
20Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service, conserving habitat on National
21Forest System lands for over 40 years and heavily engaging in the development and
22implementation of the USDA's Wildfire Crisis Strategy; and
SJR28,3,223 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation works across land-ownership
24boundaries to increase clean and abundant water, healthy forests and wildlife

1habitat, resilient communities, and robust recreational opportunities across the
2country, and for this work, the organization should be specially recognized; and
SJR28,3,73 Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation, at the national level, has
4achieved all of these aforementioned accomplishments, and local National Wild
5Turkey Federation chapter volunteers in Wisconsin were critical partners with the
6Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in wild turkey restoration in Wisconsin;
SJR28,3,108 Whereas, today, there are abundant populations of wild turkeys in all 72
9Wisconsin counties, resulting in Wisconsin enjoying some of the finest turkey
10hunting in the country; and
SJR28,3,1411 Whereas the National Wild Turkey Federation continues in its partnership
12with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to conserve the wild turkey
13and preserve our hunting heritage in Wisconsin and across the nation; now,
14therefore, be it
SJR28,3,20 15Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
16Wisconsin State Legislature recognize and commemorate the 50th anniversary of
17the National Wild Turkey Federation and salute the organization and its chapters
18and members for their tireless and selfless work to further scientific, state-led
19wildlife management and the conservation of America's wild turkey and its habitat;
20and, be it further
SJR28,3,22 21Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall prepare a copy of this resolution
22with this final clause omitted to be provided to the National Wild Turkey Federation.
SJR28,3,2323 (End)