2023 - 2024 LEGISLATURE
June 28, 2023 - Introduced by Senators LeMahieu and Kapenga.
SR3,1,2 1Relating to: nomination of Meagan Wolfe as Wisconsin Elections Commission
SR3,1,63 Whereas, Meagan Wolfe currently serves as administrator of the Wisconsin
4Elections Commission, having been nominated by the commission, and with the
5advice and consent of the senate appointed, to a 4-year term of office expiring on July
61, 2023; and
SR3,1,97 Whereas, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has the statutory duty to
8nominate an administrator for a 4-year term expiring on July 1 of the odd-numbered
9year and submit that nomination to the senate for confirmation; and
SR3,1,1210 Whereas, the senate has the statutory right to consider and act upon all
11nominations for appointments requiring senate confirmation, including specifically
12the administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission; and
SR3,1,1513 Whereas, on June 27, 2023, the Wisconsin Election Commission voted 3-0, with
14three commissioners abstaining, to renominate Meagan Wolfe as administrator for
15a term of office ending on July 1, 2027; and
1Whereas, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has a history of not submitting
2the nomination of its administrator to the senate, having failed in 2016 to notify the
3senate of the nomination of Michael Haas as administrator, which eventually
4required the senate to deem Michael Haas nominated in 2018, and vote to reject his
5nomination; and
SR3,2,96 Whereas, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has not submitted to the senate
7the nomination of Meagan Wolfe to serve as administrator for a term of office
8expiring on July 1, 2027, even though a unanimous number of commissioners voting
9voted on June 27, 2023, to renominate her as administrator; and
SR3,2,1310 Whereas, senate rule 22 (3) requires that all nominations for appointments, if
11they have not otherwise been submitted to the senate, shall be considered to have
12been submitted to the senate on the 5th day after the individual is nominated for
13appointment; now, therefore, be it
SR3,2,16 14Resolved by the senate, That the Wisconsin state senate considers Meagan
15Wolfe to have been nominated by the Wisconsin Elections Commission as
16administrator to serve for a term of office expiring on July 1, 2027; and, be it further
SR3,2,19 17Resolved, That pursuant to senate rule 22 (3), the president shall refer
18Meagan Wolfe's nomination as administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission
19to the appropriate standing committee for its recommendation.
SR3,2,2020 (End)