Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Judiciary

Assembly Bill 75

Relating to: mistreating an animal and providing a penalty.

By Representatives Spiros, Nedweski, Plumer, Rettinger, Rodriguez, Steffen, Kitchens, Behnke and Ohnstad; cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard and Cabral-Guevara.

February 28, 2023       Referred to Committee on Judiciary

October 19, 2023        Public Hearing Held

Present:       (7)        Representative Tusler; Representatives Rettinger, Bodden, Gustafson, Sortwell, J. Anderson and Ortiz-Velez.

Absent:       (0)        None.

Excused:     (0)        None.

Appearances For

·      Representative John Spiros - 86th Assembly District

Appearances Against

·      Megan Nicholson - Humane Society of the United States

Appearances for Information Only

·      None.

Registrations For

·      Bob Welch - Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association

Registrations Against

·      None.

Registrations for Information Only

·      None.

April 11, 2024             Failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1


Nick Schultz

Committee Clerk