Record of Committee Proceedings

Joint Committee on Finance

Assembly Bill 29

Relating to: a sales and use tax exemption for precious metal bullion.

By Representatives Sortwell, Schraa, Allen, Armstrong, Behnke, Bodden, Brooks, Gustafson, Moses, Murphy, Mursau, Penterman, Petersen, Rettinger, Tittl and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators Stroebel, Cabral-Guevara, Felzkowski, Feyen, Nass, Quinn and Spreitzer.

March 11, 2024           Referred to Joint Committee on Finance

March 11, 2024           Executive Session Held

Present:       (14)      Senator Marklein; Representative Born; Senators Stroebel, Felzkowski, Testin, Wimberger, L. Johnson and Roys; Representatives Katsma, Rodriguez, Kurtz, Dallman, McGuire and Andraca.

Absent:       (0)        None.

Excused:     (2)        Senator Ballweg; Representative Zimmerman.

Moved by Representative Born, seconded by Senator Stroebel that Assembly Bill 29 be recommended for concurrence.

Ayes:     (11)   Senator Marklein; Representative Born; Senators Stroebel, Felzkowski, Testin and Wimberger; Representatives Katsma, Rodriguez, Kurtz, Dallman and McGuire.

Noes:     (2)     Senator Roys; Representative Andraca.



Joe Malkasian

Committee Clerk