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Drafting records are the official, administrative records of the bill drafting process, and are maintained by the Legislative Reference Bureau. Drafting records may or may not be useful in determining the intent of a legislator in introducing a bill. As an administrative record, it is not designed to document intent, but primarily to document that a bill has been drafted in accordance with the instructions from the legislator and to facilitate drafting of similar proposals in the future. The content of individual drafting records can vary widely. It is recommended that inexperienced researchers do their work at the LRB, where staff can give assistance on using drafting records.

Drafting records before 1999 are not available online. Records from 1997 to 1927 are available on microfiche. There are no drafting records before the 1927 session. All records are available at the Legislative Reference Bureau. Please contact the LRB reference section at (608) 266-0341 for their policies on obtaining copies of drafting records from previous sessions.

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Please contact the LRB research staff with questions about these documents or how to find more old information.