Register May 2020 No.773
Chapter ATCP 10
Subchapter I — Definitions and General Provisions
ATCP 10.01   Definitions.
ATCP 10.02   Domestic animals.
ATCP 10.025   Medical separation.
ATCP 10.03   Disease reporting.
ATCP 10.04   Disease tests.
ATCP 10.045   Official individual identification application and record keeping requirements.
ATCP 10.05   Wisconsin certified veterinarians.
ATCP 10.052   Brucellosis testing and control.
ATCP 10.055   Tuberculosis testing and control.
ATCP 10.06   Certificate of veterinary inspection.
ATCP 10.07   Animal imports.
ATCP 10.08   Moving diseased animals.
ATCP 10.09   Appraised value of condemned animals.
Subchapter III — Bovine Animals
ATCP 10.10   Brucellosis; official vaccinates.
ATCP 10.11   Brucellosis testing and control.
ATCP 10.12   Brucellosis-free herd; certification.
ATCP 10.13   Tuberculosis testing and control.
ATCP 10.14   Tuberculosis-free herd; certification.
ATCP 10.15   Johne's disease testing.
ATCP 10.16   Johne's disease; sales of cattle.
ATCP 10.17   Johne's disease herd vaccination.
ATCP 10.18   Johne's disease herd classification.
ATCP 10.19   Johne's disease testing and management costs; reimbursement.
ATCP 10.20   Johne's disease; certified veterinarians.
ATCP 10.21   Bovine animals; identification.
ATCP 10.22   Bovine animals; imports.
Subchapter IV — Swine
ATCP 10.25   Swine pseudorabies; vaccination.
ATCP 10.26   Swine pseudorabies; testing and control.
ATCP 10.27   Swine pseudorabies; herd certification.
ATCP 10.28   Swine brucellosis; testing and control.
ATCP 10.29   Swine brucellosis-free herd; certification.
ATCP 10.291   Swine porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus: testing and control.
ATCP 10.30   Swine imports.
ATCP 10.31   Slaughter swine identification.
ATCP 10.32   Moving commercial swine in Wisconsin.
Subchapter V — Equine Animals
ATCP 10.35   Equine infectious anemia.
ATCP 10.36   Equine animals; imports.
ATCP 10.37   Foreign equine imports; quarantine station.
Subchapter VI — Poultry and Farm-Raised Game Birds
ATCP 10.40   Poultry and farm-raised game birds; requirements for birds and eggs exhibited at fairs or poultry shows.
ATCP 10.41   National poultry improvement plan.
ATCP 10.42   Poultry imports.
Subchapter VII — Farm-Raised Deer
ATCP 10.45   Farm-raised deer; disease testing.
ATCP 10.46   Farm-raised deer herds; registration.
ATCP 10.47   Farm-raised deer; hunting ranches.
ATCP 10.48   Tuberculosis in farm-raised deer.
ATCP 10.49   Farm-raised deer; tuberculosis herd certification.
ATCP 10.50   Brucellosis in farm-raised deer.
ATCP 10.51   Farm-raised deer; brucellosis herd certification.
ATCP 10.52   Chronic wasting disease in farm-raised deer.
ATCP 10.53   Farm-raised deer; chronic wasting disease herd status program.
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