Register February 2024 No. 818
Chapter ATCP 29
Subchapter I — Definitions and General Provisions
ATCP 29.01   Definitions.
ATCP 29.02   Declaration of pests.
Subchapter II — Pesticide Registration and Labeling
ATCP 29.05   Pesticide registration.
ATCP 29.06   Pesticide labeling.
Subchapter III — Pesticide Manufacturers and Labelers
ATCP 29.10   Pesticide manufacturers and labelers; license.
ATCP 29.11   Pesticide manufacturers and labelers; fees.
ATCP 29.12   Pesticide manufacturers and labelers; records and reports.
Subchapter IV — Pesticide Dealers and Distributors
ATCP 29.15   Dealers and distributors of restricted use pesticides.
ATCP 29.16   Pesticide sales records.
Subchapter V — Commercial Application Businesses
ATCP 29.20   Commercial application business; license.
ATCP 29.21   Commercial application business; records.
ATCP 29.22   Commercial application business; information to customers.
Subchapter VI — Individuals Handling Or Applying Pesticides
ATCP 29.25   Individual commercial applicator; license.
ATCP 29.26   Individual commercial applicator; certification.
ATCP 29.27   Private applicator certification.
ATCP 29.28   Pesticide mixers and loaders; certification.
ATCP 29.29   Special application methods; supplementary certification.
ATCP 29.30   General certification standards.
ATCP 29.31   Commercial applicators; certification categories.
ATCP 29.32   Trainee registration.
ATCP 29.33   Applicator records.
Subchapter VII — Storing, Transporting And Selling Pesticides
ATCP 29.40   Storing and transporting pesticides.
ATCP 29.41   Selling pesticides.
Subchapter VIII — Pesticide Handling, Disposal And Spills
ATCP 29.45   Pesticide mixing and loading; spill containment.
ATCP 29.46   Mixing or loading near surface waters.
ATCP 29.47   Disposal of pesticides and pesticide containers.
ATCP 29.48   Pesticide spills.
Subchapter IX — Pesticide Use
ATCP 29.50   Pesticide use; general.
ATCP 29.51   Advance notice of pesticide applications.
ATCP 29.52   Warning signs at application sites.
ATCP 29.53   Aerial applications.
ATCP 29.54   Chemigation.
ATCP 29.55   Commercial applications to residential structures.
ATCP 29.56   Landscape applications.
ATCP 29.57   Seed applications.
ATCP 29.58   Rodenticide bait station.
Subchapter X — Agricultural Worker Protection
ATCP 29.60   Definitions.
ATCP 29.61   Worker protection; general.
ATCP 29.62   Worker protection warning signs.
ATCP 29.63   Agricultural emergencies; early entry by workers.
ATCP 29.64   Training handlers.
ATCP 29.65   Training agricultural workers.
ATCP 29.66   Training records.
Subchapter XI — Special Registrations And Use Authorizations
ATCP 29.70   Emergency use permits.
ATCP 29.71   Experimental use permits.
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