Register May 2015 No. 713
Chapter ATCP 29
This is an example of a notice that complies with ss. ATCP 29.55 (2) and 29.56 (2):
Before we apply any pesticides to your property, we will provide you with any of the following information that you request:
The common chemical or brand name of each pesticide that may be applied.
A copy of the pesticide label for each pesticide that may be applied. The label will tell you the pesticide active ingredient, use directions, and safety precautions.
Each date on which pesticides will be applied.
A contact name, address, and telephone number where you can obtain further information about the pesticide application.
If you want this information in writing, we will provide it free of charge before we make the application. Whether or not you ask for this pre-application information, we will provide you with the following information when we complete the application:
The name and license number of the individual who made or directly supervised the application.
The name and location of the pesticide application.
The chemical name, brand name, and EPA registration number of each pesticide applied.
The amount of pesticide applied.
The date and time of the pesticide application.
Any post-application precautions which you should observe.
A free copy of the pesticide label (if requested).
We will notify residents of pesticide applications to living areas, and will post warning signs for lawncare applications, as required by law.
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