Register January 2020 No. 769
Chapter ATCP 42
Subchapter I — Definitions
ATCP 42.01   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Commercial Feed License
ATCP 42.02   Commercial feed license.
Subchapter III — Commercial Feed Labeling; General
ATCP 42.04   Commercial feed label.
ATCP 42.06   Product and brand names.
ATCP 42.08   Medicated commercial feeds.
ATCP 42.10   Statement of purpose.
ATCP 42.12   Guaranteed analysis; general.
ATCP 42.14   Guaranteed analysis; specific feeds.
ATCP 42.16   Ingredient statement.
ATCP 42.18   Manufacturer or distributor; name and address.
ATCP 42.20   Declaration of net quantity.
ATCP 42.22   Use directions and precautionary statements.
Subchapter IV — Custom-Mixed Feed
ATCP 42.24   Labeling custom-mixed feed.
ATCP 42.26   Guarantees and disclaimers.
Subchapter V — Dog and Cat Food
ATCP 42.28   Labeling required.
ATCP 42.30   Guaranteed analysis.
ATCP 42.32   Ingredient statement.
ATCP 42.34   Medicated dog or cat food.
ATCP 42.36   Statement of nutritional adequacy.
ATCP 42.38   Feeding instructions.
ATCP 42.40   Statement of calorie content.
ATCP 42.42   Product or brand names; use of ingredient names.
ATCP 42.44   Prohibited labeling.
Subchapter VI — General Provisions
ATCP 42.46   Good manufacturing practices.
ATCP 42.48   Nutritional content.
ATCP 42.50   Drugs and other additives.
ATCP 42.52   Adulteration and misbranding.
ATCP 42.54   Non-protein nitrogen.
ATCP 42.56   Enforcement.
Ch. ATCP 42 Note Note: Chapter Ag 18 was renumbered chapter ATCP 42 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., Register, April, 1993, No. 448. Chapter ATCP 42 as it existed on September 30, 1997 was repealed and a new chapter ATCP 42 was created effective October 1, 1997.
subch. I of ch. ATCP 42 Subchapter I — Definitions
ATCP 42.01 ATCP 42.01 Definitions. In this chapter:
ATCP 42.01(1) (1)“Brand name" means any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, identifying the commercial feed of a distributor or labeler and distinguishing it from that of others.
ATCP 42.01(2) (2)“Commercial feed" means any feed, including any custom-mixed or mill formulated feed, that is sold or bartered, or offered for sale or barter, but does not include any of the following:
ATCP 42.01(2)(a) (a) Unmixed whole seeds or grains identified in United States grain standards.
ATCP 42.01(2)(b) (b) Unmixed ground corn, wheat, rye, barley, oats, buckwheat, flaxseed, kafir, milo, or other unmixed ground seeds or grain.
ATCP 42.01(2)(c) (c) Whole hays, straws, cottonseed hulls, stover and silage, when unmixed with other materials.
ATCP 42.01(2)(d) (d) Meat and other portions of animal carcasses in their raw or natural state without further processing except freezing or denaturing.
ATCP 42.01(3) (3)“Custom-mixed feed" means a commercial feed, other than a mill-formulated feed, which a manufacturer prepares at the request of a final retail purchaser who does either of the following:
ATCP 42.01(3)(a) (a) Provides one or more ingredients comprising a significant portion of the commercial feed.
ATCP 42.01(3)(b) (b) Specifies the formula for the commercial feed. This paragraph does not apply if the purchaser obtains the formula from the feed manufacturer or labeler, but does apply if the purchaser obtains the formula from any of the following:
ATCP 42.01(3)(b)1. 1. The label of a prepackaged commercial feed concentrate or premix.
ATCP 42.01(3)(b)2. 2. A person other than the feed manufacturer or labeler.
ATCP 42.01(4) (4)“Distribute" means to sell, offer to sell, exchange, barter, or solicit orders for the sale of a feed product or otherwise supply or furnish a feed product to purchasers of the feed product in this state, whether or not the sales or transactions are made wholly or partially in this state or another state.
ATCP 42.01(5) (5)“Distributor" means any person who distributes a feed product for sale or distribution in this state.
ATCP 42.01(6) (6)“Dog or cat food" means a commercial feed intended for dogs or cats.
ATCP 42.01(7) (7)“Drug" means either of the following:
ATCP 42.01(7)(a) (a) Any substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in animals other than humans.
ATCP 42.01(7)(b) (b) Any substance, other than a nutritive component, that is intended to affect the structure or any function of the animal body.
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