Register May 2024 No. 821
Chapter ATCP 50
Subchapter I — Definitions and General Provisions
ATCP 50.01   Definitions.
ATCP 50.02   Waivers.
Subchapter II — Soil and Water Conservation on Farms
ATCP 50.04   Farm conservation practices.
ATCP 50.06   Installing conservation practices.
ATCP 50.08   Cost-sharing required.
Subchapter III — County Soil and Water Program
ATCP 50.10   County program; general.
ATCP 50.12   Land and water resource management plan.
ATCP 50.14   County ordinances.
ATCP 50.16   Farmland preservation program; conservation standards compliance.
ATCP 50.18   Annual report.
ATCP 50.20   Annual grant application.
ATCP 50.22   Accounting and recordkeeping.
ATCP 50.24   Department review.
Subchapter IV — Grants to Counties
ATCP 50.26   Grant applications.
ATCP 50.28   Annual grant allocation plan.
ATCP 50.30   Grant priorities.
ATCP 50.32   Annual staffing grants to counties.
ATCP 50.34   Grants for conservation practices.
ATCP 50.35   Grants for other services.
ATCP 50.36   Grant contracts.
Subchapter V — Financial Assistance to Landowners
ATCP 50.38   Financial assistance to landowners.
ATCP 50.40   Cost-share grants to landowners.
ATCP 50.41   Other forms of financial assistance.
ATCP 50.42   Maximum rates.
Subchapter VI — Soil and Water Professionals
ATCP 50.46   Conservation engineering practitioners.
ATCP 50.48   Nutrient management planners.
ATCP 50.50   Soil and manure testing laboratories.
ATCP 50.52   Training for county staff.
Subchapter VII — Local Regulation
ATCP 50.54   Local regulations; general.
ATCP 50.56   Manure storage systems; ordinance.
ATCP 50.58   Shoreland management; ordinance.
ATCP 50.60   Livestock operations; local regulation.
Subchapter VIII — Standards for Practices Receiving Financial Assistance
ATCP 50.61   General standards for practices receiving financial assistance; pre-approval of cost-shared practices.
ATCP 50.618   Technical standards development process.
ATCP 50.62   Manure storage systems.
ATCP 50.63   Manure storage system closure.
ATCP 50.64   Barnyard runoff control systems.
ATCP 50.65   Access road.
ATCP 50.66   Trails and walkways.
ATCP 50.663   Conservation cover.
ATCP 50.668   Conservation crop rotation.
ATCP 50.67   Contour farming.
ATCP 50.68   Cover crop.
ATCP 50.69   Critical area stabilization.
ATCP 50.70   Diversions.
ATCP 50.705   Feed storage runoff control systems.
ATCP 50.71   Field windbreaks.
ATCP 50.72   Filter strips.
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