Register January 2017 No. 733
Chapter ATCP 51
Wis. Stats. s. 93.90; Wis. Adm. Code ch. ATCP 51
___________________________________________ (“political subdivision") has received an application from _________________________________________ (“applicant") to approve a new or expanded livestock facility located at _______________________________________________________________________.
The applicant has filed the application form and worksheets prescribed by state law. The application form and worksheets describe the proposed facility in detail. They are also designed to document compliance with uniform state livestock facility siting standards, including standards related to:
  Odor management.
  Property line and road setbacks.
  Manure management.
  Manure storage facilities.
  Runoff management.
Copies of the application form and worksheets are on file with the political subdivision, and are open to public inspection. On ___________________, the political subdivision notified the applicant that the application was complete. Under state law, the political subdivision must normally grant or deny the application within 90 days after that date.
Under state law, the political subdivision must approve the application unless it finds, based on other clear and convincing evidence, that the application fails to meet state standards. The political subdivision may not ordinarily consider other siting criteria, or apply standards that differ from the state standards.
Interested persons may submit comments and information, in writing, by ____________. The political subdivision may also hold a public hearing on this matter. If the political subdivision schedules a public hearing, it will publish a hearing notice in the normal manner. You may review the siting application, and submit written comments, at the following address:
An applicant, or a person who resides or owns land within 2 miles of the proposed livestock facility, may appeal the political subdivision's decision to the Wisconsin Livestock Facility Siting Review Board. An appeal, if any, must be filed within 30 days. The Siting Review Board will review the local decision based on state law, and evidence in the local record (the Board will not hold a new hearing or accept new evidence).
On the back side of this notice, you will find a short summary of state livestock facility siting requirements. For more information, you may call _____________________ or visit the state website at . - See PDF for table PDF
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