Register January 2020 No. 769
Chapter ATCP 65
Subchapter I — Definitions and General Requirements
ATCP 65.01   Definitions.
ATCP 65.02   Milk producer licenses and permits; fees.
ATCP 65.04   Dairy plant licenses and permits; fees.
Subchapter II — Dairy Farms
ATCP 65.06   Milking barn or parlor.
ATCP 65.08   Milkhouse.
ATCP 65.10   Dairy farm water supply.
ATCP 65.12   Equipment and utensils.
ATCP 65.14   Milking and milk handling systems.
ATCP 65.16   Bulk tanks and bulk transport containers.
ATCP 65.18   Milking procedure.
ATCP 65.20   Abnormal milk; milking diseased animals.
ATCP 65.22   Farm premises.
Subchapter III — Dairy Plants
ATCP 65.23   Federal requirements.
ATCP 65.24   Construction and maintenance.
ATCP 65.26   Personnel; sanitation standards.
ATCP 65.28   Equipment and utensils.
ATCP 65.30   C-I-P systems.
ATCP 65.32   Dairy product packages.
ATCP 65.34   Sanitizers and sanitizing methods.
ATCP 65.36   Receiving milk and dairy products.
ATCP 65.38   Collecting milk samples.
ATCP 65.40   Storing and handling milk and dairy products.
ATCP 65.41   Low-acid or acidified dairy products packaged in hermetically sealed containers for non-refrigerated storage.
ATCP 65.42   Recall plan.
ATCP 65.44   Dairy plant records.
ATCP 65.46   Dairy plant reports to department.
ATCP 65.48   Confidential information.
ATCP 65.50   Dairy product labeling.
Subchapter IV — Pasteurization
ATCP 65.52   Unpasteurized milk sales prohibited; exemptions.
ATCP 65.54   Pasteurization required.
ATCP 65.56   Labeling pasteurized and unpasteurized products.
ATCP 65.58   Pasteurization time and temperature.
ATCP 65.60   Batch pasteurization.
ATCP 65.62   HTST and HHST pasteurization.
ATCP 65.64   Aseptic processing and packaging.
ATCP 65.66   Pasteurization records.
ATCP 65.68   Pasteurizer testing.
Subchapter V — Safety and Quality Standards
ATCP 65.70   Milk quality standards for milk collected from a dairy farm.
ATCP 65.72   Drug residue testing.
ATCP 65.74   Milk and dairy products; quality standards.
ATCP 65.76   Milk quality testing.
ATCP 65.78   Milk quality test samples.
ATCP 65.80   Milk quality test records and reports.
ATCP 65.82   False samples, test results or reports.
ATCP 65.84   Milk component testing.
ATCP 65.86   Milk component test methods.
Subchapter VI — Inspection and Enforcement
ATCP 65.910   Inspection of dairy farms; general.
ATCP 65.912   Performance-based grade A dairy farm inspections.
ATCP 65.920   Suspension or revocation of grade A producer permit or milk producer license.
ATCP 65.922   Enforcement actions taken in response to drug residue violations.
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