ATCP 73.145(3)(d) (d) A carbon monoxide detector shall conform to UL 2034 and shall be listed and labeled identifying conformance to UL 2034. Carbon monoxide detectors and sensors as part of a gas detection or emergency signaling system shall conform to UL 2075 and shall be listed and labeled identifying conformance to UL 2075.
ATCP 73.145(3)(e) (e) The operator shall install every carbon monoxide detector required under this section according to the directions and specifications of the manufacturer of the carbon monoxide detector.
ATCP 73.145(3)(f) (f) Installation shall conform to the applicable requirements of s. SPS 321.097 or 362.0915.
ATCP 73.145(4) (4) Maintenance requirements. The operator shall maintain carbon monoxide detectors in compliance with the requirements of s. 101.149 (3), Stats., as follows:
ATCP 73.145(4)(a) (a) The operator shall reasonably maintain every carbon monoxide detector in the residential building in the manner specified in the instructions for the carbon monoxide detector.
ATCP 73.145(4)(b) (b) An occupant of a unit in a residential building may give the operator written notice that a carbon monoxide detector in the residential building is not functional or has been removed by a person other than the occupant. The operator shall repair or replace the nonfunctional or missing carbon monoxide detector within 5 days after receipt of the notice.
ATCP 73.145(5) (5) Tampering prohibited. Pursuant to s. 101.149 (4), Stats., no person may tamper with, remove, destroy, disconnect, or remove batteries from an installed carbon monoxide detector, except in the course of inspection, maintenance, or replacement of the detector.
ATCP 73.145(6) (6) Exception to installation requirements. The installation of carbon monoxide detectors is not required in a residential building if construction of the building was initiated before October 1, 2008, or if the department of safety and professional services approved the plans for the construction of the building under s. 101.12, Stats., and s. SPS 361.30, provided the building does not have an attached garage and any one of the following circumstances applies:
ATCP 73.145(6)(a) (a) The building does not have any fuel-burning appliances.
ATCP 73.145(6)(b) (b) All of the fuel-burning appliances in the building are of a sealed-combustion type and are covered by the manufacturers' warranties against defects.
ATCP 73.145(6)(c) (c) All the fuel-burning appliances in the building are of a sealed-combustion type and are inspected in accordance with sub. (7) or (8) (b).
ATCP 73.145(7) (7) Inspection of sealed combustion appliances.
ATCP 73.145(7)(a) (a) The operator shall arrange for the inspection of every sealed combustion appliance and the vents and chimneys serving the appliances in any residential building where a carbon monoxide detector has not been installed.
ATCP 73.145(7)(b) (b) The inspection of a sealed combustion appliance, vents and chimneys shall satisfy the following requirements:
ATCP 73.145(7)(b)1. 1. The inspection of the sealed combustion appliance, vents and chimneys shall be for the purpose of determining carbon monoxide emission levels.
ATCP 73.145(7)(b)2. 2. The inspection shall be performed at least once a year.
ATCP 73.145(7)(b)3. 3. The inspection shall be performed by an individual who holds certification issued under s. SPS 305.71 as an HVAC qualifier.
ATCP 73.145(7)(b)4. 4. If upon inspection the carbon monoxide emissions from a fuel burning appliance, vent or chimney are not within the manufacturer's specifications, the appliance may not be operated until it is repaired. If the appliance is repaired, it shall be inspected again before it is used.
ATCP 73.145(7)(b)5. 5. The individual inspecting the sealed combustion appliance shall prepare a written, dated, and signed report identifying the level of carbon monoxide emissions and certifying whether or not carbon monoxide emissions are within the manufacturer's specifications, which the operator shall retain for review by the department or its agent.
ATCP 73.145(8) (8) Inspections and enforcement by department.
ATCP 73.145(8)(a) (a) The department or its agent shall conduct regular inspections of facilities to ensure compliance with s. 101.149 (2) and (3), Stats., and this section.
ATCP 73.145(8)(b) (b) If, upon inspection, the department or its agent determines that a sealed combustion appliance has not been inspected and certified as meeting the manufacturer's specifications for carbon monoxide emissions, as required under sub. (7), the department or agent shall order the operator to have an inspection conducted within 30 days. If the department or its agent has not received an inspection report as required under sub. (7) (b) 5. within 30 days, the department or agent shall arrange for an inspection agent to conduct an inspection that satisfies the requirements under sub. (7) (b), and the operator shall pay all of the costs associated with the inspection.
ATCP 73.145(8)(c) (c) Pursuant to s. 101.149 (8) (a), Stats., if the department determines after an inspection of a residential building that the operator has violated the installation requirements under sub. (3) or the maintenance requirements under sub. (4), the department shall issue an order requiring the operator to correct the violation within 5 days or within such shorter period as the department determines is necessary to protect public health and safety. As required under s. 101.149 (8) (a), Stats., if the operator does not correct the violation within the time required, the operator shall forfeit $50 for each day of violation occurring after the date on which the department finds that the violation was not corrected. Pursuant to s. 101.149 (8) (b), Stats., if a person is charged with more than one violation of sub. (3) or (4) arising out of an inspection of a single residential building, those violations shall be counted as a single violation for the purpose of determining the amount of a forfeiture.
ATCP 73.145(8)(d) (d) A person who violates sub. (5) is subject to criminal penalties under s. 101.149 (8) (c), Stats.
ATCP 73.145 History History: EmR1004: emerg. cr. eff. 4-1-10; CR 10-015: cr. Register August 2010 No. 656, eff. 9-1-10; corrections in (1), (2) (a), (c), (d), (3) (intro.), (c) 2., (f), (6) (intro.), (7) (b) 3. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., 7., Stats., Register January 2012 No. 673; renum. from DHS 197.145 Register June 2016 No. 726; correction in (1), (2) (c) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register June 2016 No. 726; correction in (1), (2) (a), (3) (intro.), (f) Register November 2018 No. 755.
ATCP 73.15 ATCP 73.15 Maintenance.
ATCP 73.15(1)(1)General. Every bed and breakfast establishment shall be maintained and equipped in a manner conducive to the health, comfort, and safety of its guests.
ATCP 73.15(2) (2) Rooms. The floors, walls and ceilings of all rooms shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and in a good state of repair.
ATCP 73.15(3) (3) Buildings and grounds. Buildings and grounds shall be maintained in a clean, neat condition, free from refuse and other objectionable conditions or hazards. The exterior of all buildings shall be well-maintained and kept in good repair.
ATCP 73.15(4) (4) Insect and rodent control. Effective measures intended to minimize the presence of rodents, flies, cockroaches, and other insects on the premises shall be employed. The premises shall be kept in a condition which will prevent the harborage or feeding of insects or rodents.
ATCP 73.15 History History: Cr. Register, June, 1985, No. 354, eff. 7-1-85; CR 08-073: renum. from HFS 197.10 Register January 2009 No. 637, eff. 2-1-09; renum. from DHS 197.15 Register June 2016 No. 726.
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