Register November 2023 No. 815
Chapter ATCP 79
ATCP 79.01   Authority and purpose.
ATCP 79.02   Scope.
ATCP 79.03   Definitions.
ATCP 79.04   Plans and specifications for campgrounds.
ATCP 79.05   License to operate a campground.
ATCP 79.06   Department fees.
ATCP 79.07   Enforcement.
ATCP 79.08   Suspension or revocation of license.
ATCP 79.09   Appeals of actions by the department.
ATCP 79.10   Appeals of actions by agent health departments.
ATCP 79.11   Campsite use, designation, location, and density.
ATCP 79.12   Campground access and road systems.
ATCP 79.13   Camping units.
ATCP 79.14   Water supply; water systems and service connections.
ATCP 79.15   Sewage and wastewater treatment and handling.
ATCP 79.16   Toilet facilities.
ATCP 79.17   Shower building.
ATCP 79.18   Petting zoos.
ATCP 79.19   Fish and game cleaning station.
ATCP 79.20   Garbage and refuse.
ATCP 79.21   Insect and rodent control.
ATCP 79.22   Fire prevention.
ATCP 79.23   Play equipment.
ATCP 79.24   General campground administration.
ATCP 79.25   Mobile or manufactured homes in a campground.
ATCP 79.26   Special event campgrounds.
ATCP 79.27   Rustic campsites.
Ch. ATCP 79 Note Note: Chapter H 78 as it existed on August 31, 1978 was repealed and a new chapter H 78 was created effective September 1, 1978. Chapter H 78 was renumbered chapter HSS 178, effective June 1, 1982; chapter HSS 178 as it existed on October 31, 1985 was repealed and a new chapter HSS 178 was created effective November 1, 1985. Chapter HSS 178 was renumbered chapter HFS 178 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register, January, 1997, No. 493. Chapter HFS 178 was renumbered chapter DHS 178 effective February 1, 2009, and corrections made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register January 2009 No. 637. Chapter DHS 178 was repealed and recreated effective 2-1-16 by CR 15-001. Chapter DHS 178 was renumbered chapter ATCP 79 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register June 2016 No. 726.
ATCP 79.01 ATCP 79.01 Authority and purpose. This chapter is promulgated under the authority of s. 97.67, Stats., to regulate the maintenance and operation of campgrounds in order to protect the health and safety of the public.
ATCP 79.01 History History: CR 15-001: cr. Register October 2015 No. 718, eff. 2-1-16; renum. from DHS 178.01 Register June 2016 No. 726; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register June 2016 No. 726.
ATCP 79.02 ATCP 79.02 Scope.
ATCP 79.02(1)(1)Applicability. This chapter applies to all campgrounds, except that only s. ATCP 79.26, apply to special event campgrounds.
ATCP 79.02(2) (2) Variance.
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)1.1. The department may approve a variance to a method, practice, material, equipment or design required under this chapter that will not be contrary to public health, safety or welfare if the department is provided with satisfactory proof that the variance will achieve results that are closely equivalent to the results of literal application of the requirement under this chapter.
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)2. 2. To apply for a variance, the operator shall apply on a form provided by the department. An application for a variance from the requirements of this chapter shall be made in writing to the department, specifying all of the following. The department may require additional information from the operator before acting on the request:
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)2.a. a. The rule from which the variance is requested.
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)2.b. b. The specific alternative action which the operator proposes.
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)2.c. c. The reason for the request.
ATCP 79.02(2)(a)2.d. d. Justification that the variance will not adversely affect the public health, safety, or welfare.
ATCP 79.02 Note Note: To obtain a form for requesting a variance, e-mail or contact the Bureau of Food and Recreational Businesses at (608) 224-4702 or PO Box 8911, Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8911.
ATCP 79.02(2)(b) (b) The department shall approve or deny a request for a variance in writing within 30 business days after receiving a complete application for a variance and any additional information requested by the department. A variance approved by the department under par. (a) may be made conditional for:
ATCP 79.02(2)(b)1. 1. A defined period of time.
ATCP 79.02(2)(b)2. 2. Experimental or trial purposes.
ATCP 79.02 History History: CR 15-001: cr. Register October 2015 No. 718, eff. 2-1-16; renum. from DHS 178.02 Register June 2016 No. 726; correction in (1) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register June 2016 No. 726.
ATCP 79.03 ATCP 79.03 Definitions. In this chapter:
ATCP 79.03(1) (1)“Agent" means the city, county, or village designated by the department under s. 97.615 (2), Stats., and ch. ATCP 74 to issue licenses to and make investigations or inspections of public pools and water attractions.
ATCP 79.03(2) (2)“Approved" means acceptable to the department, based on its determination of conformance with this chapter and good public health practices.
ATCP 79.03(3) (3)“Campground" means a parcel or tract of land owned by a person, state, or local government that is designed, maintained, intended, or used for the purpose of providing campsites offered with or without charge, for temporary overnight sleeping accommodations.
ATCP 79.03(4) (4)“Camping cabin" means a building or other structure that is 400 square feet or less in area. A camping cabin includes a yurt, but does not include a tent, recreational vehicle, tourist rooming house, mobile home, or manufactured home.
ATCP 79.03(5) (5)“Camping trailer" has the meaning given in s. 340.01 (6m), Stats.
ATCP 79.03 Note Note: Section s. 340.01 (6m), Stats., defines “camping trailer" to mean a recreational vehicle with a collapsible or folding structure designed for human habitation and towed upon a highway by a motor vehicle.
ATCP 79.03(6) (6)“Camping unit" means a structure, including a tent, camping cabin, yurt, recreational vehicle, mobile home, or manufactured home, bus, van, or pickup truck.
ATCP 79.03(7) (7)“Campsite" means an area of a campground that is designated by the operator as capable of accommodating an independent or dependent camping unit. A campsite may be one or a combination of the following:
ATCP 79.03(7)(a) (a) Individual campsite.
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