Register December 2023 No. 816
Chapter ATCP 93
ATCP 93.010   Purpose.
ATCP 93.020   Scope and application.
ATCP 93.050   Definitions.
Subchapter I — Administration and Enforcement
ATCP 93.100   Plan review.
ATCP 93.110   Jurisdiction over enforcement.
ATCP 93.115   Enforcement and inspections.
ATCP 93.120   Revocation and expiration of approval.
ATCP 93.130   Specific approval of materials, equipment, concepts, technology and devices.
ATCP 93.140   Tank registration.
ATCP 93.145   Tank permits.
ATCP 93.150   Change of ownership.
ATCP 93.1605   Fees relating to storage tanks for liquids that are flammable, combustible or federally regulated hazardous substances.
ATCP 93.165   Alternate forms.
ATCP 93.170   Petition for variance.
ATCP 93.175   Prohibited practices.
ATCP 93.180   Penalties.
ATCP 93.190   Appeals and hearings on enforcement decisions.
Subchapter II — Adopted Standards and General Requirements
ATCP 93.200   Adoption of standards.
ATCP 93.210   Application of standards.
ATCP 93.220   Secondary references.
ATCP 93.225   Alternate standards.
ATCP 93.230   General requirements.
ATCP 93.240   Certifications and enforcement.
ATCP 93.250   Tank construction and marking.
ATCP 93.260   Setbacks from already-installed potable water supply sources.
Subchapter III — Specific Tank Storage
ATCP 93.300   Tanks storing used oil.
ATCP 93.305   Public used oil collection centers.
ATCP 93.310   Heating fuel storage.
ATCP 93.315   Heating oil tanks that are removed from service.
ATCP 93.320   Fuel storage for stationary combustion engines and gas turbines.
ATCP 93.330   Converted tanks for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids.
ATCP 93.335   Manufacture of organic coatings.
ATCP 93.340   Bulk plants and terminals.
ATCP 93.350   Hazardous substances.
ATCP 93.360   Storage of Class IA flammable liquids.
ATCP 93.370   Emergency shutoff for transfers.
Subchapter IV — General AST Storage
ATCP 93.400   General requirements.
ATCP 93.410   Spill and overfill prevention.
ATCP 93.420   Secondary containment.
ATCP 93.425   Tank lining of aboveground storage tanks.
ATCP 93.430   Vehicle collision protection.
ATCP 93.440   Aboveground tank inspection.
ATCP 93.445   Seldom-used and temporarily out of service tank systems.
ATCP 93.450   Change in service to store a non-regulated or a regulated substance.
ATCP 93.460   Closure of aboveground tanks.
ATCP 93.465   Tank-system site assessment.
ATCP 93.470   Responding to a leak, spill, overfill, or release.
Subchapter V — General UST Storage and Underground Piping
ATCP 93.500   General requirements.
ATCP 93.503   Product inventory verification at retail facilities.
ATCP 93.505   Spill and overfill prevention.
ATCP 93.510   Leak detection requirements.
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