ATCP 160.80(2)(b)8. 8. Group displays shall be judged on originality, creativeness, quality, subject material, art media, individual and group work, attractive arrangement, and percentage of pupils participating.
ATCP 160.80(2)(b)9. 9. Specific classes for individual competition for all grade levels may be selected by the local fair board. Entries for special education students shall be under the Plan B system.
ATCP 160.80(3) (3)Premium levels.
ATCP 160.80(3)(a) (a) Premium level one   $1.75 1.50 1.25 1.00
All individual exhibits.
ATCP 160.80(3)(b) (b) Premium level two   $12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00
ATCP 160.80(3)(b)1. 1. School group display.
ATCP 160.80(3)(b)2. 2. Educational display featuring the teaching and development of one school subject.
ATCP 160.80(3)(c) (c) Premium level three   $75.00 70.00 65.00 60.00
School booth displays under Plan A.
ATCP 160.80(4) (4)Payment to exhibitors. Premiums under this section shall be paid directly to the exhibitor who made the exhibit and not to the school or teacher, except for group premiums offered to inter-school competitive classes. No aid may be paid on education department premiums unless the fair board files with the department a complete list of exhibitors and a complete set of judges' sheets, similar to those required for other departments. All educational exhibits shall be displayed at the fair regardless of whether they are judged prior to the fair or at the fair.
ATCP 160.80 Note Note: A premium list for school exhibits is available upon request from the department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection.
ATCP 160.80 History History: Cr. Register, November, 1990, No. 419, eff. 12-1-90; CR 11-037: (4) renum. from 160.04 (5) and am. Register April 2012 No. 676, eff. 5-1-12.
subch. V of ch. ATCP 160 Subchapter V — Judging and Accounting
ATCP 160.91 ATCP 160.91Judging regulations.
ATCP 160.91(1) (1) Judging shall be done at county and district fairs by individuals who are registered with the department and who have knowledge, training or experience in the specific class or classes to be judged as determined by the department. Judging shall be done in accordance with the requirements of s. ATCP 160.92 (3) (a). In no case shall any person who is an officer or director of a fair be eligible to judge exhibits at such fair; nor shall any person interested directly or indirectly in exhibits shown in any department of a fair be eligible to judge articles or animals in that department.
ATCP 160.91(2) (2) Each judge at a county or district fair shall be provided with a copy of the fair's premium book or list of entry classes at least 7 days prior to the opening date of the fair.
ATCP 160.91(3) (3) No animal or article, irrespective of the number of entries in the class in which it is entered, shall be awarded a higher rating than its merit would entitle it to in comparison to the standard of perfection in the class.
ATCP 160.91(4)(a)(a) No state aid will be paid on premiums awarded under the Danish system in any classes except in the junior and educational departments.
ATCP 160.91(4)(b) (b) When classes in the junior and educational departments are judged according to the Danish system, 4 group placings shall be awarded in any class. When there are less than 8 exhibitors in the class, there shall not be more than 2 in the first group, not more than 4 in the first 2 groups and not more than 6 in the first 3 groups. If there are 8 or more entries in the class, there shall not be more than 25% in the first group, not more than 50% in the first 2 groups, and not more than 75% in the first 3 groups.
ATCP 160.91(4)(c) (c) The number of awards in the last group placing may be increased to the extent necessary to give awards to all exhibitors.
ATCP 160.91(5) (5) If any class of exhibits at a county or district fair is judged according to the regular system, the judges for that class may give only one first-place, one second-place, one third-place and one fourth-place award in that class.
ATCP 160.91 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1976, No. 244, eff. 5-1-76; am. (1), Register, March, 1980, No. 291, eff. 4-1-80; renum. from Ag 5.07, Register, November, 1990, No. 419, eff. 12-1-90; am. (2), and cr. (5), Register, July, 1995, No. 475, eff. 8-1-95.
ATCP 160.92 ATCP 160.92Accounting requirements.
ATCP 160.92(1) (1) All receipts from any source whatsoever shall be deposited in a bank, and all accounts without exception shall be paid by check or draft. All records, papers, stubs, checks, vouchers or other orders relating to fair transactions shall be preserved for a 6-year period subsequent to the year in which they were made or issued.
ATCP 160.92(2) (2) Premiums shall be actually paid or bona fide notice of premium awards sent to all premium winners before a claim for state aid may be considered.
ATCP 160.92(3) (3) Claims for state aid shall be filed with the department within 30 days after the close of the fair, and shall include:
ATCP 160.92(3)(a) (a) Judging sheets completed according to instructions contained thereon. All entries shall be in typewritten form with the exception of entries in the winning entry column which may be made with a ballpoint pen or indelible pencil. The total premium awarded on each judging sheet shall be shown at the bottom of each sheet. State aid shall not be paid on judging sheets which are not signed by the judge or accompanied by an affidavit of the judge listing the department and classes judged. A separate affidavit shall be required for each department.
ATCP 160.92(3)(b) (b) Index of exhibitors and their addresses, with amounts paid in premiums opposite each name. The total of each index sheet shall be shown on the bottom of the sheet, and the total of the index shall correspond with the total of premiums awarded as shown by judging sheets.
ATCP 160.92(3)(c) (c) One premium book.
ATCP 160.92(4) (4) One copy of the annual financial report shall reach the office of the department before the end of the calendar year in which the fair is held. State aid received for the current year shall be included as a receipt in such statement.
ATCP 160.92(5) (5) Before submitting its financial report, every fair association, society or board shall have its accounts audited by either a certified public accountant, a county auditor, or an auditing committee. If audited by an auditing committee, at least one of the committee members shall be familiar with the records and procedures. The society or board shall submit to the department at the time the financial report is submitted, a statement of the type of audit conducted including the date and names of those making the audit, or a copy of the audit report.
ATCP 160.92(6) (6) A copy of a financial report as published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the fair was held shall be submitted to the department prior to December 31st of the year in which the fair was held. The financial statement shall include all receipts, disbursements, accounts receivable and accounts payable in connection with the operation of the fair, and shall show the financial condition of the fair organization before and after the fair.
ATCP 160.92 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1976, No. 244, eff. 5-1-76; am. (3) (c), Register, March, 1980, No. 291, eff. 4-1-80; renum. from Ag 5.08, Register, November, 1990, No. 419, eff. 12-1-90; r. (3) (c), renum. (3) (d) to be (3) (c), Register, November, 2000, No. 539, eff. 12-1-00.
ATCP 160.93 ATCP 160.93Authority. This chapter is adopted under authority of s. 93.23 (1), Stats.
ATCP 160.93 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1980, No. 291, eff. 4-1-80; renum. from Ag 5.09, Register, November, 1990, No. 419, eff. 12-1-90.
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