DCF 49.05(1)(a) (a) Provide coverage 24 hours a day by staff, trained volunteers, an answering service or an answering machine. When the center is operated under contract, the department shall specify in the contract an average number of hours a week that the toll-free line is to be answered by staff or trained volunteers;
DCF 49.05(1)(b) (b) Respond within 2 working days to all requests for information or referral left with an answering machine or answering service. If center staff are unable to reach the caller within that period of time, they shall document attempts to reach the caller; and
DCF 49.05(1)(c) (c) Recruit and train volunteers to provide telephone coverage. Ensure that each staff person or volunteer taking a toll-free call or responding to an inquiry is knowledgeable about adoption law, services and procedures and is capable of providing a helpful nonjudgmental response to a variety of issues raised by a caller;
DCF 49.05(2) (2)Refer expectant birthparents or their representatives who contact the center to a designated contact person in the county social services or human services department in that county or to a licensed adoption agency;
DCF 49.05(3) (3)Make available to inquirers a list of public adoption agencies and licensed private adoption agencies in Wisconsin with brief descriptions of their services. As appropriate to an inquirer's request, the center may distribute promotional material supplied to it by these agencies;
DCF 49.05(4) (4)Maintain current information on adoption services and related services, which shall include:
DCF 49.05(4)(a) (a) Statistical information on the number and types of adoptions occurring in Wisconsin;
DCF 49.05(4)(b) (b) Accurate information on Wisconsin adoption laws;
DCF 49.05(4)(c) (c) A list of adoption agencies in Wisconsin with the types of services each offers; and
DCF 49.05(4)(d) (d) For each county, the name of a contact person who will, on request, arrange for local public agency support services for an adolescent or adult experiencing a problem pregnancy or considering options to parenting;
DCF 49.05(5) (5)Publish a directory of post-adoption services and support organizations available to assist birthparents who release their child for adoption;
DCF 49.05(6) (6)Seek out and provide training to persons who provide counseling to adolescents, including school counselors, county child welfare workers and family planning clinic employees, and to other helping professionals to develop an understanding that adoption is an option for an adolescent or an adult experiencing a problem pregnancy or considering options to parenting, to make people aware of the center's toll free telephone service and to convey information about the variety of adoption-related services available in the state. The training shall include discussion of independent and agency adoption practices, the range of opportunities for contact between the birth parent and the adoptive parent and between the birth parent and the adopted person, adoption information search, and termination of parental rights (TPR) proceedings;
DCF 49.05(7) (7)Offer to make presentations on the services of the center and on the adoption option at Wisconsin professional association and statewide and community organization meetings;
DCF 49.05(8) (8)Develop publicity to inform Wisconsin adolescents about adoption and to promote the positive benefits of adoption;
DCF 49.05(9) (9)Offer to make presentations to youth and young adult groups and assemblies to inform youth and young adults about adoption procedures and related services;
DCF 49.05(10) (10)Disseminate information widely, including through the communications media, to make the public aware of the toll-free telephone number and services of the center; and
DCF 49.05(11) (11)Work with local counseling, social service, education, health care and other service providers to promote adoption as an option for adolescents and adults with problem pregnancies or who are considering options to parenting and increase public knowledge of adoption procedures and appreciation for adoptions.
DCF 49.05 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1992, No. 437, eff. 6-1-92.
DCF 49.06 DCF 49.06 Administration.
DCF 49.06(1)(1)Advisory board. If the center is not operated by the department, the center director shall appoint a board of volunteers to advise him or her in regard to the focus of center activities, response to department evaluations, and new or controversial program concerns.
DCF 49.06(2) (2)Records and reports.
DCF 49.06(2)(a) (a) For each call received at the toll-free telephone number, the center shall maintain a record of the type of call, referrals provided and follow-up actions taken by center staff.
DCF 49.06(2)(b) (b) The center shall prepare quarterly summary reports of all inquiries received as well as of other activities of the center, and, if the center is not operated by the department, shall submit these to the department for planning and evaluation purposes by the dates specified in the contract.
DCF 49.06(3) (3)Services needs. The center on an ongoing basis shall identify adoption service gaps at the local and state levels and bring these to the attention of local adoption services agencies and social services agencies and, if the center is not operated by the department, to the attention of the department.
DCF 49.06(4) (4)Acceptance of volunteer services and contributions. The center may seek volunteer services and contributions, provided that these do not conflict with the purpose or functions of the center or promote for-profit enterprises.
DCF 49.06(5) (5)Obtaining department approval and keeping the department informed. If the center is not operated by the department, the center shall obtain written approval from the department for all written press releases and publications and for visual media products.
DCF 49.06(6) (6)Contract requirements. If the center is being operated under contract with the department, the contract shall be an annual contract which shall include:
DCF 49.06(6)(a) (a) Annual objectives for the center;
DCF 49.06(6)(b) (b) An annual budget for the center; and
DCF 49.06(6)(c) (c) A plan for on-going evaluation of the impact of the center's activities on professionals.
DCF 49.06(7) (7)Contract responsibility. If the center is being operated under contract with the department, the center director shall:
DCF 49.06(7)(a) (a) Meet with the department's contract administrator at least monthly for the first 3 months of the center's contract to report on progress and confer on any problems in carrying out the terms of the contract and shall meet with the department's contract administrator bimonthly for the next 6 months, and quarterly after that. At the meetings the center director shall present a written report of progress on the contract and other activities, review activities planned for the next quarter and assess the long range plans for the center and the effectiveness of the center's activities;
DCF 49.06(7)(b) (b) Prepare an annual report on the center's activities and an assessment of the center's effectiveness in meeting the annual objectives for the center agreed upon in the contract with the department and any other information requested by the department. The report shall be completed and submitted to the department within 30 days after the end of the state fiscal year; and
DCF 49.06(7)(c) (c) Provide for an ongoing evaluation of the impact of the center's activities to determine the usefulness and effectiveness of its services to professionals. The ongoing evaluation shall be based on the plan submitted by the center and approved by the department under sub. (6) (c).
DCF 49.06 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1992, No. 437, eff. 6-1-92.
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