Register January 2023 No. 805
Chapter DCF 57
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DCF 57.01   Authority and purpose.
DCF 57.015   Compliance with administrative rules and laws.
DCF 57.02   Exceptions to rules.
DCF 57.04   Definitions.
DCF 57.045   Inspections, records, and requests for information.
DCF 57.05   Group home program and policies.
DCF 57.06   Emergency planning and preparation.
DCF 57.07   Financial records and audits.
DCF 57.075   Department memos.
DCF 57.08   Insurance.
DCF 57.09   Weapons.
DCF 57.10   Pets and animals.
DCF 57.11   Telephone.
DCF 57.12   Transportation.
DCF 57.13   Licensee reporting requirements to the department.
DCF 57.135   Responsibility to placing agencies.
Subchapter II — Personnel
DCF 57.14   Personnel requirements.
DCF 57.15   Hiring and employment.
DCF 57.16   Training.
DCF 57.17   Personnel policies and records.
DCF 57.18   Staff member and volunteer responsibilities.
Subchapter III — Admission and Discharge
DCF 57.19   Admissions.
DCF 57.20   Discharge.
Subchapter IV — Resident Care
DCF 57.205   Principles for nurturing care.
DCF 57.21   Staff to resident ratios and supervision.
DCF 57.215   Communication log.
DCF 57.22   Resident activities.
DCF 57.23   Treatment planning and assessment.
DCF 57.24   Resident rights.
DCF 57.245   Promoting normalcy.
DCF 57.25   Medical care.
DCF 57.26   Dental care.
DCF 57.27   Behavior intervention.
DCF 57.28   Clothing.
DCF 57.29   Hygiene.
DCF 57.30   Household duties.
DCF 57.305   Spending money.
DCF 57.31   Food and nutrition.
DCF 57.32   Education.
DCF 57.33   Sleeping arrangements.
DCF 57.34   Non-ambulatory residents.
DCF 57.35   Additional requirements for group homes providing respite care.
DCF 57.36   Additional requirements for group homes providing care for custodial parents and expectant mothers.
DCF 57.37   Additional requirements for care of children 6 years of age or younger.
DCF 57.38   Resident records.
DCF 57.39   Confidentiality.
Subchapter V — Physical Environment and Safety
DCF 57.40   Physical plant and environment.
DCF 57.41   General safety precautions.
DCF 57.42   Fire safety.
DCF 57.425   Carbon monoxide detector.
DCF 57.43   Furnishings and appliances.
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