DCF 59.06(5)(h) (h) No more than 4 children shall occupy any bedroom.
DCF 59.06(5)(i) (i) Children of the shelter care workers shall not be displaced and permitted to occupy sleeping quarters not acceptable for shelter care children except as indicated in other sections of these rules.
DCF 59.06(5)(j) (j) No child in shelter care shall be required to share a bedroom with a shelter care worker or a hold-over room attendant.
DCF 59.06(5)(k) (k) During sleeping hours a shelter care worker or relief help or, for a hold-over room, a hold-over room attendant, shall be within call of the child or children.
DCF 59.06(6) (6)Areas.
DCF 59.06(6)(a)(a) There shall be a quiet area in the home suitable for study, or simply being alone.
DCF 59.06(6)(b) (b) Space shall be provided where children may receive and talk with visitors privately.
DCF 59.06(7) (7)Dining area.
DCF 59.06(7)(a)(a) In family and small group shelter facilities, dining facilities shall be such as to permit all members of the household to sit down to meals together.
DCF 59.06(7)(b) (b) In large group shelter facilities dining facilities shall be provided with sufficient space and equipment to serve all the residents.
DCF 59.06(7)(c) (c) The unit supervisor of a hold-over room shall arrange for nutritious meals for the occupant or occupants held in a hold-over room over a meal period or when the occupant or occupants have not had the most recent meal, and shall provide the occupant or occupants a snack between lunch and supper and at night before the occupant or occupants go to sleep.
DCF 59.06(8) (8)Bathroom.
DCF 59.06(8)(a)(a) The facility shall contain one complete bathroom including stool, washbowl, and tub or shower, for each 8 individuals residing there.
DCF 59.06(8)(b) (b) Bathroom facilities shall be within the facility and within one floor of sleeping room occupied by children.
DCF 59.06(8)(c) (c) In large group shelter facilities separate bathroom facilities shall be provided for both sexes if the facility is co-educational.
DCF 59.06(8)(d) (d) A hold-over room shall have bathroom facilities available on the premises that are accessible at any time to a child placed in the hold-over room.
DCF 59.06(9) (9)Indoor recreation area. Indoor recreation equipment and space appropriate to the age and interest levels of children shall be provided.
DCF 59.06(10) (10)Furnishings.
DCF 59.06(10)(a)(a) The living area shall be adequately furnished and allow for free and informal use by the children.
DCF 59.06(10)(b) (b) Each child in shelter care shall be provided with a separate bed except that siblings of the same sex may share a double bed.
DCF 59.06(10)(c) (c) Each bed shall be of such size as to ensure comfort of the child, be in good condition, have a clean and comfortable mattress with waterproof covering when necessary, and be provided with a pillow, 2 sheets, bedspread and blankets adequate for the season.
DCF 59.06(10)(d) (d) All sheets and pillow cases shall be changed at least once a week, more often if necessary and when the bed is occupied by a new resident.
DCF 59.06(10)(e) (e) Triple decker bunks shall not be used.
DCF 59.06(10)(f) (f) An adequate supply of clean wash cloths, and bath towels shall be available to each child.
DCF 59.06(10)(g) (g) A hold-over room shall have a table. The hold-over room shall also have a chair for each occupant. Where necessary, comfortable sleeping accommodations shall be provided for each occupant.
DCF 59.06(11) (11)Kitchen.
DCF 59.06(11)(a)(a) The kitchen shall be of adequate size and equipped with adequate household appliances and utensils to meet the needs of residents.
DCF 59.06(11)(b) (b) Dishes, silverware, utensils and food shall be maintained and stored in clean and sanitary manner.
DCF 59.06(12) (12)Laundry.
DCF 59.06(12)(a)(a) Private or public laundry facilities shall be available to meet the needs of all residents.
DCF 59.06(12)(b) (b) Any laundry equipment in the facility shall be installed and vented in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
DCF 59.06(13) (13)Storage space.
DCF 59.06(13)(a)(a) The shelter care facilities shall have sufficient storage space to accommodate, within reason, each child's clothing and other belongings.
DCF 59.06(13)(b) (b) All medicines shall be labeled and stored in a locked compartment designated for this use only except that medicines requiring refrigeration shall be properly stored and clearly labeled. All outdated medicines shall be destroyed.
DCF 59.06(13)(c) (c) Provisions shall be made for the safe storage of potentially dangerous items.
DCF 59.06(14) (14)Telephone. A telephone shall be provided with emergency instructions posted nearby for fire, police and medical assistance. A telephone in a locked room or requiring payment to reach the operator shall not satisfy this requirement.
DCF 59.06(15) (15)Emergency equipment. Each shelter care facility shall have first aid supplies readily available.
DCF 59.06(16) (16)Heating.
DCF 59.06(16)(a)(a) The shelter care facility shall provide a heating system which is capable of maintaining a temperature in living and sleeping quarters of at least 68°F.
DCF 59.06(16)(b) (b) The heating unit shall be maintained in a safe condition as determined through an annual check by a qualified individual acceptable to the department.
DCF 59.06(16)(c) (c) Portable electric or unvented space heaters shall not be permitted.
DCF 59.06(17) (17)Electric system. Electrical systems and appliances shall be in good repair and properly protected.
DCF 59.06(18) (18)Sanitation.
DCF 59.06(18)(a)(a) All regularly opened windows and doors shall be properly screened.
DCF 59.06(18)(b) (b) The water supply shall be of safe, sanitary quality and shall be obtained from a water supply system and location, construction and operation of which shall comply with the standards approved by the department of natural resources. When water is obtained from a private well, its safety shall be determined by annual testing by a certified laboratory.
DCF 59.06(18)(c) (c) The shelter care facility shall be equipped with a water heater adequate to meet the needs of all residents.
DCF 59.06(18)(d) (d) All spoiled and deteriorated food products shall be disposed of immediately. All garbage while in the home shall be kept in non-combustible, watertight containers. Garbage shall be removed from the living quarters at least daily, except for those facilities using a garbage compactor, which shall establish a regular schedule for the removal of garbage.
DCF 59.06(19) (19)Light and ventilation.
DCF 59.06(19)(a)(a) All habitable rooms shall be provided with adequate light and ventilation.
DCF 59.06(19)(b) (b) All sleeping rooms occupied by children shall be rooms with an outside wall and an openable window.
DCF 59.06(19)(c) (c) All bath and toilet rooms shall be provided with an openable window or exhaust ventilation.
DCF 59.06(20) (20)Fire prevention and safety.
DCF 59.06(20)(a)(a) Habitable rooms on the second floor shall be provided with access to 2 exits, at least one of which shall be a stairway exit.
DCF 59.06 Note Note: A window shall be considered an “exit" if it and its screen or storm window is openable from the inside without the use of tools, not less than 22 inches in the smallest dimension, at least 5 square feet in area and with a lower sill not more than 4 feet from the floor.
DCF 59.06(20)(b) (b) Passageways leading to exits shall be clear and unobstructed. One exit door shall be at least 3 feet in width.
DCF 59.06(20)(c) (c) All stairs serving 3 or more levels shall have a door at either the bottom or top of the stairs and the door shall be kept closed.
DCF 59.06(20)(d) (d) Except for a hold-over room under par. (dm), a shelter care facility shall have a smoke detection system. The smoke detection system shall be an interconnected system of smoke detectors listed by Underwriter's Laboratory or a radio-transmitted smoke detection system which has a centrally mounted alarm horn or alarm horns which, when activated, can be heard throughout the facility. The smoke detection system shall be installed and regularly tested in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and a smoke detector shall be located at each of the following locations in the facility:
DCF 59.06(20)(d)1. 1. At the head of every open stairway;
DCF 59.06(20)(d)2. 2. Above the door leading to every enclosed stairway on each floor level;
DCF 59.06(20)(d)3. 3. In every corridor spaced not more than 30 feet apart nor more than 15 feet from any wall;
DCF 59.06(20)(d)4. 4. In each common use room, including every living room, dining room, lounge, family room and recreation room, but not in the kitchen;
DCF 59.06(20)(d)5. 5. In each sleeping room if smoking is allowed there; and
DCF 59.06(20)(d)6. 6. In staff quarters if smoking is allowed there.
DCF 59.06(20)(dm) (dm) A hold-over room shall either meet the requirements under par. (d) for a smoke detection system or have, at minimum, a functioning battery operated smoke detector located in the room and tested at least once a month and a functioning battery operated smoke detector located outside the room but in proximity to the room, also tested at least once a month, to provide early enough detection and adequate warning for exiting.
DCF 59.06(20)(e) (e) There shall be a written posted plan for emergency evacuation of the facility and at the time of placement each resident shall be instructed in the use of the plan. Evacuation procedures shall include provisions for handling residents with limited mobility and shall be reviewed with the staff every 2 months. Large group shelter facilities shall conduct fire drills at least every 2 months.
DCF 59.06(20)(f) (f) A charged fire extinguisher acceptable to the local fire department shall be provided in the kitchen and on each floor of the facility. Staff shall be instructed in its use.
DCF 59.06(20)(g) (g) Smoking in bedrooms shall not be permitted.
DCF 59.06(20)(h) (h) The licensee shall demonstrate that the facility has passed an annual fire safety inspection acceptable to the licensing agency.
DCF 59.06 Note Note: The licensing agency is the Department of Children and Families.
DCF 59.06(20)(i) (i) All interior doors shall be openable from both sides in case of emergency.
DCF 59.06(20)(j) (j) All exterior doors shall be openable from the inside at all times without the use of a key.
DCF 59.06(21) (21)Safety measures.
DCF 59.06(21)(a)(a) Tubs and showers shall have safety strips applied or other provisions shall be made to prevent slipping.
DCF 59.06(21)(b) (b) Stairways, halls and aisles shall be maintained in good repair, adequately lighted and free from obstacles.
DCF 59.06(21)(c) (c) Each stairway shall be provided with a handrail and steps shall have a non-slip surface.
DCF 59.06(21)(d) (d) Each facility shall have a written plan on file which specifies action and procedures for meeting emergency situations including serious illness, severe weather and missing children.
DCF 59.06 History History: Cr. Register, June, 1978, No. 270, eff. 7-1-78; renum. from PW-CY 45.05, Register, December, 1982, No. 324, eff. 1-1-83; r. and recr. (19) (d), Register, October, 1988, No. 394, eff, 11-1-88; emerg. renum. (1) to (20) to be (2) to (21) and am. (8) (b) and (20) (d) (intro.) and 2., cr. (1), (4) (c), (7) (c), (8) (d), (10) (g) and (20) (dm), eff. 12-1-93; renum. (1) to (20) to be (2) to (21) and am. (5) (j), (k), (20) (d) (intro.), 2., cr. (1), (4) (c), (7) (c), (8) (d), (10) (g), (20) (dm), Register, September, 1994, No. 465, eff. 10-1-94.
DCF 59.07 DCF 59.07Records and reporting.
DCF 59.07(1) (1)Records on children in shelter care.
DCF 59.07(1)(a)(a) A licensee shall maintain a record for each child in the shelter care facility. The record shall contain all of the following:
DCF 59.07(1)(a)1. 1. A form prescribed by the department that is completed with specified information about the child.
DCF 59.07(1)(a)2. 2. For a child placed in the shelter care facility, all of the following:
DCF 59.07(1)(a)2.a. a. The forms required under ch. DCF 37. The licensee shall share with the child's placing agency new and updated information required on the forms that the licensee becomes aware of while the child is placed in the facility.
DCF 59.07(1)(a)2.b. b. Reasonable and prudent parenting decision records required under s. DCF 59.055 (2) (e).
DCF 59.07 Note Note: The form required under subd. 1. is DCF-F-CFS2389-E, Shelter Care Face Sheet.
The forms required under subd. 2. a. and ch. DCF 37 are DCF-F-872A-E, Information for Out-of-Home Care Providers, Part A and DCF-F-872B-E, Information for Out-of-Home Care Providers, Part B.
The form required under subd. 2. b. is DCF-F-5124-E, Reasonable and Prudent Parent Decision Record.
These forms are available in the forms section of the department website at http://dcf.wisconsin.gov or by writing the Division of Safety and Permanence, P.O. Box 8916, Madison, WI 53708−8916.
DCF 59.07(1)(b) (b) For each child placed in a hold-over room, the hold-over room licensee shall maintain on file a completed copy of Wisconsin department of justice form JI-03, Temporary Physical Custody Request.
DCF 59.07 Note Note: The department of justice form JD-1710, Temporary Physical Custody Request may be obtained by writing or telephoning any field office listed in Appendix A or from the Wisconsin Circuit Court website at https://www.wicourts.gov/forms1/circuit/index.htm .
DCF 59.07(2) (2)Confidentiality. Shelter care facility staff and volunteers shall maintain in a locked file and in confidence all information and records on children. Children shall have the right to examine their own records.
DCF 59.07(3) (3)Department access to records.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.