DCF 251.04(2)(g)1.c. c. Vehicle liability insurance for non-owned vehicles with minimums not less than the amounts specified under s. 121.53, Stats., if transportation is provided in vehicles that are not owned by the center and are not public transportation vehicles or chartered vehicles.
DCF 251.04(2)(g)2. 2. The certificate of insurance shall indicate that pets are included in the liability coverage if cats or dogs are permitted in areas of the center accessible to children during the hours of operation.
DCF 251.04(2)(h) (h) Develop, submit to the department, and implement written policies consistent with the requirements of this chapter on all of the following subjects:
DCF 251.04(2)(h)1. 1. Fee payments and refunds.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)2. 2. Personnel, including job descriptions, hours of work, lunch and break times, holidays, vacations, sick leaves, leaves of absence, probationary periods, performance evaluations, grievance procedures and the disciplinary process. The personnel policy shall contain a procedure that requires staff to notify the licensee and the licensee to notify the department as soon as possible but no later than the next business day when any of the following occurs:
DCF 251.04(2)(h)2.a. a. The employee has been convicted of a crime.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)2.b. b. The employee has been or is being investigated by any governmental agency for any other act, offense, or omission, including an investigation related to the abuse or neglect or threat of abuse or neglect, to a child or other client, or an investigation related to misappropriation of a client's property.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)2.c. c. The employee has a substantiated governmental finding against them for abuse or neglect of a child or adult or for misappropriation of a client's property.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)2.d. d. When a professional license held by an employee has been denied, revoked, restricted or otherwise limited.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)3. 3. Discharge of enrolled children.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)4. 4. Admission.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)5. 5. Health care. If the center is licensed to care for children under one year of age, the policies shall include procedures to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)6. 6. Education.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)7. 7. Nutrition, including accommodating children with food allergies.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)8. 8. Child guidance, including appropriate ways to manage crying, fussing, or distraught children.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)9. 9. Emergency plans to be followed in the event of a fire, tornado, missing child, or other emergency.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)10. 10. Continuing education for staff.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)11. 11. Orientation of new staff and volunteers.
DCF 251.04(2)(h)12. 12. Transportation, if the center will transport children either on field trips or on a regular schedule. The policy shall include a procedure to ensure that no child is left unattended in a vehicle.
DCF 251.04(2)(j) (j) Ensure that all published statements such as brochures and publicity releases are accurate.
DCF 251.04(2)(k) (k) Post the child care license near the entrance or in some other conspicuous area of the center that is visible to the public.
DCF 251.04(2)(L)1.1. Post next to the child care license all of the following:
DCF 251.04(2)(L)1.a. a. The current licensing statement of compliance or a noncompliance statement and correction plan, including any rule violations the department has not verified as corrected and in compliance.
DCF 251.04(2)(L)1.b. b. Any notice from the department regarding rule violations, such as a warning letter or enforcement action.
DCF 251.04(2)(L)1.c. c. Any stipulations, conditions, temporary closures, exceptions, or exemptions that affect the license.
DCF 251.04(2)(L)2. 2. All items posted as required under this paragraph posted shall be visible to parents.
DCF 251.04(2)(m) (m) Ensure that any action, by commission or omission, or any condition or occurrence relating to the operation or maintenance of the child care center does not adversely affect the health, safety or welfare of any child under the care of the licensee.
DCF 251.04(2)(n) (n) Submit to the department by the department's next business day a completed background check request form if any of the following occurs:
DCF 251.04(2)(n)1. 1. A change in the board president or chairperson.
DCF 251.04(2)(n)2. 2. A corporation or limited liability company designates a new person to be subject to the background check.
DCF 251.04(2)(n)3. 3. A household member turns 18 years of age, unless the household member has previously submitted a background check request form.
DCF 251.04(2)(n)4. 4. A household member turns 10 years of age.
DCF 251.04(2)(o) (o) Submit to the department a completed background check request form for each potential household member prior to the date on which the person becomes a household member, unless the person is less than 10 years of age.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: The Background Check Request form is available electronically through the Child Care Provider Portal or at https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/forms. A paper version is available from any regional licensing office listed in Appendix A.
DCF 251.04(2)(p) (p) Submit a current delegation of administrative authority signed by the licensee that outlines the organizational structure and designates, in a chain of command form, those persons on the premises in charge of the center for all hours of operation.
DCF 251.04(3) (3) Reports. The licensee shall report to the department all of the following. If the report is made by telephone, the licensee shall submit a written report to the appropriate regional licensing office within 5 business days of the incident. Fax, e-mail, and letter are acceptable ways of filing a written report:
DCF 251.04(3)(a) (a) Any incident or accident that occurs while the child is in the care of the center that results in professional medical evaluation, within 24 hours of the licensee becoming aware of the medical evaluation.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: The licensee may use either the department's form, Incident Report - Child Care Centers, or the licensee's own form to report incidents or accidents. The form is available on the department's website at https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/cclicensing/ccformspubs.
DCF 251.04(3)(am) (am) Any death of a child in care, within 24 hours after the death.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: The licensee may use either the department's form, Incident Report - Child Care Centers, or the licensee's own form to report the death of a child in care. The department's form is available at https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/cclicensing/ccformspubs.
DCF 251.04(3)(ar) (ar) Any injury caused by an animal to a child in care, within 24 hours after the incident.
DCF 251.04(3)(b) (b) Any damage to the premises that may affect compliance with this chapter, or any incident at the premises that results in the loss of utility services, within 24 hours after the occurrence.
DCF 251.04(3)(c) (c) A change in the administrator or center director of a child care center, within 30 days after the change.
DCF 251.04(3)(d) (d) A change of any program services, including expected temporary closures lasting more than 2 weeks, at least 5 days prior to the change.
DCF 251.04(3)(dm) (dm) Unexpected closures lasting more than 2 weeks, within 24 hours after the center has been closed for a 2-week period.
DCF 251.04(3)(e) (e) Statistical data required by the department on forms provided by the department.
DCF 251.04(3)(f) (f) If requested by the department, a plan of correction for cited violations of this chapter or ch. 48, Stats., in a format specified by the department. The department shall receive the plan of correction by the date the department specifies and be approved by the department licensing representative.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: The licensing representative will notify the licensee if a plan of correction is required and provide the plan of correction format with the notification.
DCF 251.04(3)(g) (g) Any known convictions, pending charges, or other offenses of the licensee, group child care center employees, or other person subject to a child care background check that could potentially relate to the care of children at the center or activities of the center by the department's next business day.
DCF 251.04(3)(h) (h) Any change in room usage, such as changing the way rooms are primarily used by children or using rooms not previously approved for use at least 20 working days prior to the change. Changes in room usage shall be approved by the department prior to the change.
DCF 251.04(3)(i) (i) Any incident related to a child who leaves the premises of the center without the knowledge of the provider or any incident that results in a provider not knowing the whereabouts of a child in attendance at the center within 24 hours of the occurrence.
DCF 251.04(3)(j) (j) Any suspected abuse or neglect of a child by an employee or volunteer that was reported under s. DCF 251.04 (8), including any incident that results in a child being forcefully shaken or thrown against a surface, hard or soft, during the child's hours of attendance, within 24 hours after the occurrence.
DCF 251.04(3)(jm) (jm) Any prohibited actions specified in s. DCF 251.07 (2) (e) by an employee or volunteer to a child in care, within 24 hours after the incident.
DCF 251.04(3)(k) (k) Any incident involving law enforcement within 24 hours after the occurrence that:
DCF 251.04(3)(k)1. 1. Involves a licensee, a household resident or an employee of the center in an incident that causes, or threatens to cause, physical or serious emotional harm to an individual, including a child in the care of the center.
DCF 251.04(3)(k)2. 2. Involves any traffic-related incident where a person responsible for the violation transports children in the care of the center.
DCF 251.04(3)(L) (L) Any construction or remodeling on the premises that has the potential to affect an area accessible to children or a condition of the license. Notification shall be provided in writing before the construction or remodeling begins.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: See s. DCF 251.11 (5) (a) for items that affect a condition of the license.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: Alterations, additions, or changes of use to commercial buildings may require submittal of plans to and approval by the Department of Safety and Professional Services or its agent before commencing construction. It is recommended that an architect or engineer be consulted prior to the beginning of any construction or remodeling to determine whether plans must be submitted.
DCF 251.04(3)(m) (m) Any confirmed case of a communicable disease reportable under ch. DHS 145 in a child enrolled at the center or a person in contact with children at the center, within 24 hours after the center is notified of the diagnosis. The licensee shall also notify the local health department within 24 hours after the center is notified of the diagnosis.
DCF 251.04(3)(n) (n) Any change in meal preparation arrangements, at least 5 calendar days before the change. Centers adding meal preparation after an initial license has been issued shall document compliance with building codes related to kitchens before beginning to prepare meals on the premises.
DCF 251.04(3)(o) (o) Any change in transportation services, at least 5 calendar days prior to the change.
DCF 251.04(4) (4) Parents.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)(a) The center administrator shall notify the parents of an enrolled child of all of the following:
DCF 251.04(4)(a)1. 1. The child has been exposed to a confirmed case of a communicable disease reportable under ch. DHS 145 and transmitted through normal contact. Notification shall occur when the information becomes known to the center.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2. 2. Notification shall be made immediately and shall provide sufficient detail to reasonably apprise the parent in all of the following situations:
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2.a. a. The child becomes ill.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2.b. b. The child needs professional evaluation of an injury.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2.c. c. The child experiences a head injury, has a seizure, consumes incorrect breastmilk, consumes food or drink that may contain the child's allergen, consumes or comes in contact with poisonous materials, or is given incorrect medication. For purposes of this subd. 2. c., a “head injury” means a bump, blow, or jolt to the head.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2.d. d. The child's whereabouts are unknown to the assigned provider.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)2.e. e. The child was subject to child guidance that is prohibited under s. DCF 251.07 (2) (e) and (f).
DCF 251.04(4)(a)3. 3. The child has sustained a minor injury that does not appear to require professional medical evaluation. Notification may be made when the child is picked up at the center or delivered to the parent or other authorized person.
DCF 251.04(4)(a)4. 4. The child will be going on a field trip that is not part of the regularly scheduled program. Notification of the date, time, and destination shall be prior to the field trip.
DCF 251.04(4)(b) (b) The center shall permit parents to visit and observe at any time during the center's hours of operation, unless access is prohibited or restricted by court order.
DCF 251.04(4)(c) (c) The center shall offer conferences at least twice each year for parent and staff communication regarding the child's adjustment to the program and the child's growth and development.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: When a child care worker or a parent has concerns about a child's growth or development, a referral to a Birth-to-Three agency or the local public school should be considered to determine if the child is eligible for special services. Wisconsin has an information and referral service for persons with questions or concerns about a child's development called Well Badger Resource Center that is available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a call is placed to Well Badger Resource Center at 1-800-642-7837, the caller will learn about early intervention services, as well as other related services in the area.
DCF 251.04(4)(d) (d) The center shall notify parents of any religious training that is part of the center's program. The reference to the religious component shall be included in any publicity and in the education policy.
DCF 251.04(4)(e) (e) The center shall provide a summary of this chapter to the parents of each child upon the child's enrollment.
DCF 251.04 Note Note: Copies of a summary of this chapter may be obtained from the Child Care Information Center, www.ccic.wi.gov, 1-800-362-7353.
DCF 251.04(4)(f) (f) A copy of this chapter shall be posted or available in an area of the center where parents are likely to see it.
DCF 251.04(4)(g) (g) A copy of the child care policies of the center shall be made available to the parents in an area of the center accessible to parents. Personnel policies need not be included.
DCF 251.04(6) (6) Children's records.
DCF 251.04(6)(a)(a) The licensee shall maintain a current written record obtained prior to the child's first day of attendance or subsequent re-enrollment at the center on each child enrolled and shall make the record available to the licensing representative on request. Each record shall include all of the following:
DCF 251.04(6)(a)1. 1. Enrollment information consisting of:
DCF 251.04(6)(a)1.a. a. The name and birthdate of the child.
DCF 251.04(6)(a)1.b. b. The full names of the child's parents.
DCF 251.04(6)(a)1.c. c. The child's home address and telephone number.
DCF 251.04(6)(a)1.d. d. An address and telephone number where a parent can be reached while the child is in care.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.