Register February 2024 No. 818
Chapter DFI-CCS 10
DFI-CCS 10.01   Fees.
DFI-CCS 10.01 DFI-CCS 10.01 Fees. Regarding business records filed with and maintained by the department, the following fees apply:
DFI-CCS 10.01(1) (1)For preparing and supplying copies or certified copies of any resolution, deed, bond, record, document or paper deposited with or kept by the department:
DFI-CCS 10.01(1)(a) (a) Certified copies: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(1)(b) (b) Non-certified copies: $5.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(1)(c) (c) Information report: $5.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(2) (2)For issuing certificates or statements, in any form, relating to the results of searches of records and files of the department:
DFI-CCS 10.01(2)(a) (a) Certificate of status or statement of status: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(2)(b) (b) Certificate of status or statement of status – special remarks: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(2)(c) (c) Certificate of status or statement of status – no record: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(2)(d) (d) Certificate of status or statement of status – long form: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(3) (3)For processing any service of process, notice, or demand served on the department: $10.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(4) (4)For processing, in an expeditious manner, a document required or permitted to be filed with the department: $25.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(5) (5)For preparing, in an expeditious manner, any copies, certified copies, certificates, or statements: $25.00.
DFI-CCS 10.01(6) (6) In addition to any fee under this section, for filing in paper format a filing for which there is an online filing option: $15.
DFI-CCS 10.01(7) (7)To the extent that no fee is specified in chs. 179, 181, and 183, Stats., for filing an application for reinstatement following dissolution, revocation, or termination, $100.
DFI-CCS 10.01(8) (8)Amendment, cancellation, or renewal of partnership authority under ch. 179, Stats., $10.
DFI-CCS 10.01(9) (9)Statement of change of registered agent or registered agent's name, e-mail address, or street address under ch. 180, Stats., $10.
DFI-CCS 10.01(10) (10)Statement of revocation or rescission of dissolution under ch. 178, 179, 181, or 183, Stats., $10.
DFI-CCS 10.01(11) (11)Statement of withdrawal of a filed record before effectiveness under ch. 179, 180, 181, or 183, Stats., $40.
DFI-CCS 10.01(12) (12)Statement of dissociation under ch. 179, Stats., $10.
DFI-CCS 10.01(13) (13)Statement of authority or denial under ch. 183, Stats., $10.
DFI-CCS 10.01 History History: CR 02-068: cr. Register October 2002 No. 562, eff. 11-1-02; CR 23-026: am. (title), r. and recr. (1), renum. (6) from DFI-CCS 10.04 (4), cr. (7) to (13) Register February 2024 No. 818, eff. 3-1-24.
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