Register March 2024 No. 819
Chapter DFI-WCA 1
DFI-WCA 1.01   Wisconsin consumer act rules; organization.
DFI-WCA 1.05   General definitions; consumer credit transactions.
DFI-WCA 1.06   General definitions; customer.
DFI-WCA 1.07   General definitions; finance charge.
DFI-WCA 1.08   General definitions; official fees.
DFI-WCA 1.09   General definitions; required deposit balance.
DFI-WCA 1.201   Finance charge for consumer credit transactions; per diem charge.
DFI-WCA 1.22   Finance charge for consumer credit transactions; credit cards and coupon books.
DFI-WCA 1.221   Finance charge for consumer credit transactions; actuarial method-compounding.
DFI-WCA 1.23   Maximum charges; precision and rounding.
DFI-WCA 1.26   Additional charges; cost of insurance.
DFI-WCA 1.261   Additional charges; equivalent security interest.
DFI-WCA 1.262   Additional charges; title examinations.
DFI-WCA 1.263   Additional charges, appraisals, copies.
DFI-WCA 1.264   Credit insurance; signature placement.
DFI-WCA 1.271   Delinquency charges; deferred installment.
DFI-WCA 1.28   Deferral charges; unilateral deferral at no cost.
DFI-WCA 1.281   Deferral charges; alternative computation.
DFI-WCA 1.29   Deferral charges; “rule of 78".
DFI-WCA 1.30   Notice of non-performance.
DFI-WCA 1.301   Rebate on prepayment; irregular installment amounts or due dates.
DFI-WCA 1.311   General requirements and provisions; consummation.
DFI-WCA 1.32   Disclosure customer copies.
DFI-WCA 1.321   Form requirements other than open-end—set off.
DFI-WCA 1.331   Form requirements other than open-end—microfilm copies.
DFI-WCA 1.34   Prohibition of blank writings.
DFI-WCA 1.341   Notice to obligors.
DFI-WCA 1.35   Notice to obligors; open-end accounts.
DFI-WCA 1.351   Customer liability; open-end credit.
DFI-WCA 1.352   Receipts; accounting; evidence of payment; release of any security interest.
DFI-WCA 1.353   Refund anticipation loan; before the customer enters into a refund anticipation loan.
DFI-WCA 1.354   Refund anticipation loan; reasonable length of time to expect refund.
DFI-WCA 1.355   Refund anticipation loan; estimated annual percentage rate.
DFI-WCA 1.356   Refund anticipation loan; charges or fees for electronically filing an income tax return.
DFI-WCA 1.36   Receipts; accounting; evidence of payment; customer inquiries.
DFI-WCA 1.361   Assignment of earnings prohibited; revocation.
DFI-WCA 1.37   Notice of assignment; joint obligor customers.
DFI-WCA 1.371   Notice of assignment; address of customer.
DFI-WCA 1.38   Restriction on liability in consumer lease.
DFI-WCA 1.391   Restrictions on security interest; proceeds.
DFI-WCA 1.392   Waivers prohibited; dwelling.
DFI-WCA 1.44   Consumer approval transaction; duty of customer.
DFI-WCA 1.61   Cure of default; commencing legal action.
DFI-WCA 1.62   Cure of default; date of notice and tender.
DFI-WCA 1.63   Exempt property; garnishee summons.
DFI-WCA 1.64   Exempt property; medical services.
DFI-WCA 1.66   Body attachments.
DFI-WCA 1.67   Voluntary surrender of collateral.
DFI-WCA 1.68   Nonjudicial enforcement limited; surrender of collateral.
DFI-WCA 1.69   Restrictions on deficiency judgments; amount owing.
DFI-WCA 1.70   Restrictions on deficiency judgments; repossession.
DFI-WCA 1.71   Restrictions on deficiency judgments; renouncing rights in collateral.
DFI-WCA 1.80   Investigatory powers; merchant's records.
DFI-WCA 1.81   Powers of administrator; penalty.
DFI-WCA 1.82   Powers of administrator; submission for approval.
DFI-WCA 1.85   Discrimination; unconscionable conduct.
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