Register July 2023 No. 811
Chapter DHS 61
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 61.01   Introduction.
DHS 61.02   General definitions.
DHS 61.021   Program element definitions.
DHS 61.022   Disability related definitions.
DHS 61.03   Eligibility.
DHS 61.04   Administration.
DHS 61.05   Administrative personnel.
DHS 61.06   Program personnel.
DHS 61.07   Uniform cost reporting.
DHS 61.08   Requirements for inservice and educational leave programs for personnel.
DHS 61.09   Fee schedule.
DHS 61.10   Eligibility for service.
DHS 61.11   Client rights.
DHS 61.12   Grievance procedure.
DHS 61.13   Client advocacy.
DHS 61.14   Affirmative action and civil rights compliance.
DHS 61.15   Continuity of care.
DHS 61.16   Volunteer services.
DHS 61.17   Religious services.
DHS 61.18   Research.
DHS 61.19   Program evaluation.
DHS 61.20   Enforcement.
DHS 61.21   Reports required by the department.
DHS 61.22   Revision of standards.
DHS 61.23   Confidentiality of records.
DHS 61.24   Education/information.
Subchapter II — Community Developmental Disabilities Services
DHS 61.30   Introduction.
DHS 61.31   Information and referral services.
DHS 61.32   Follow-along services.
DHS 61.33   Diagnostic services.
DHS 61.34   Evaluation services.
DHS 61.35   Counseling services.
DHS 61.36   Education services.
DHS 61.37   Recreational services.
DHS 61.38   Training services.
DHS 61.39   Treatment services.
DHS 61.40   Sheltered employment and work activity services.
DHS 61.41   Day care.
DHS 61.42   Personal care services.
DHS 61.43   Domiciliary care service.
DHS 61.44   Special living arrangements services.
DHS 61.45   Transportation services.
DHS 61.46   Protective services.
DHS 61.69   Duration of certification for community mental health programs.
DHS 61.695   Biennial report and fees for community mental health programs.
Subchapter IV — Community Mental Health Programs
DHS 61.70   Inpatient program - introduction and definitions.
DHS 61.71   Inpatient program standards.
DHS 61.72   Enforcement of inpatient program standards.
DHS 61.73   Other community program standards - introduction.
DHS 61.75   Day treatment program.
DHS 61.76   Rehabilitation program.
DHS 61.77   Consultation and education program.
DHS 61.78   Additional requirements for programs serving children and adolescents - introduction and personnel.
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