Register September 2023 No. 813
Chapter DHS 75
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 75.01   Authority and purpose.
DHS 75.02   Applicability.
DHS 75.03   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Certification
DHS 75.04   Application requirements.
DHS 75.05   Department action.
DHS 75.06   Biennial forms and fees.
DHS 75.07   Change of ownership.
DHS 75.08   Agency closure.
DHS 75.09   Ongoing compliance and enforcement actions.
DHS 75.10   Investigation, notification, and reporting requirements.
DHS 75.11   General records and retention.
DHS 75.12   Telehealth services.
DHS 75.13   Waivers and variances.
Subchapter III — Prevention and Intervention Service Requirements
DHS 75.14   Prevention service.
DHS 75.15   Intervention service and intoxicated driver services.
Subchapter IV — Treatment Service General Requirements
DHS 75.16   Applicability of treatment service general requirements.
DHS 75.17   Governing authority or entity owner requirements.
DHS 75.18   General requirements for service staff.
DHS 75.19   Personnel requirements.
DHS 75.20   Patient case records.
DHS 75.21   Confidentiality.
DHS 75.22   Services for minors.
DHS 75.23   Service levels of care.
DHS 75.24   Service operations.
DHS 75.25   Outcome monitoring and quality improvement plan.
Subchapter V — Residential Service Facility Requirements
DHS 75.26   Applicability.
DHS 75.27   Organizational requirements.
DHS 75.28   Definitions.
DHS 75.29   Application for initial certification.
DHS 75.30   Fit and qualified standards.
DHS 75.31   Services for non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory patients.
DHS 75.32   General facility requirements.
DHS 75.33   Residential personnel requirements.
DHS 75.34   Residential service records.
DHS 75.35   Residential services for minors.
DHS 75.36   Residential services for parents with residing minors.
DHS 75.37   Emergency medical care for residents.
DHS 75.38   Seclusion and restraints.
DHS 75.39   Medications.
DHS 75.40   Infection control program.
DHS 75.41   Food service.
DHS 75.42   Physical environment.
DHS 75.43   Safety.
DHS 75.44   Guests and visitors.
DHS 75.45   Building design.
DHS 75.46   Requirements for new construction, remodeling, additions, or newly-certified existing structures.
Subchapter VI — Additional Requirements for Treatment Service Levels of Care
DHS 75.47   Applicability of other requirements.
DHS 75.48   Service requirements by level of care tables.
DHS 75.49   Outpatient substance use treatment service.
DHS 75.50   Outpatient integrated behavioral health treatment service.
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