Register April 2024 No. 820
Chapter DHS 83
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 83.01   Authority and purpose.
DHS 83.02   Definitions.
DHS 83.03   Variance and waiver.
Subchapter II — Licensing
DHS 83.04   Licensing categories.
DHS 83.05   Application requirements.
DHS 83.06   Program statement.
DHS 83.07   Fit and qualified.
DHS 83.08   Department action.
DHS 83.09   Biennial report and fees.
DHS 83.10   Change of ownership.
DHS 83.11   Facility closing.
DHS 83.12   Investigation, notification, and reporting requirements.
DHS 83.13   General records, retention and posting.
Subchapter III — Personnel
DHS 83.14   Licensee.
DHS 83.15   Administrator.
DHS 83.16   Employee.
DHS 83.17   Hiring and employment.
DHS 83.18   Employee records.
Subchapter IV — Orientation and Training
DHS 83.19   Orientation.
DHS 83.20   Department-approved training.
DHS 83.21   All employee training.
DHS 83.22   Task specific training.
DHS 83.23   Employee supervision.
DHS 83.24   Exemptions.
DHS 83.25   Continuing education.
DHS 83.26   Documentation.
Subchapter V — Admission, Retention and Discharge
DHS 83.27   Limitations on admissions and retentions.
DHS 83.28   Admission procedures.
DHS 83.29   Admission agreement.
DHS 83.30   Family care information and referral.
DHS 83.31   Discharge or transfer.
Subchapter VI — Resident Rights and Protections
DHS 83.32   Rights of residents.
DHS 83.33   Grievance procedure.
DHS 83.34   Resident funds.
Subchapter VII — Resident Care and Services
DHS 83.35   Assessment, individual service plan and evaluations.
DHS 83.36   Staffing requirements.
DHS 83.37   Medications.
DHS 83.38   Program services.
DHS 83.39   Infection control program.
DHS 83.40   Oxygen storage.
DHS 83.41   Food service.
DHS 83.42   Resident records.
Subchapter VIII — Physical Environment
DHS 83.43   Furnishings and equipment.
DHS 83.44   Housekeeping services.
DHS 83.45   Building maintenance and site.
DHS 83.46   Building support systems.
Subchapter IX — Safety
DHS 83.47   Fire safety requirements.
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