DHS 89.29(3)(c) (c) Procedures for termination.
DHS 89.29(3)(c)1.a.a. Except as provided under subd. 2., a residential care apartment complex shall provide 30 days advance notice of termination to the tenant and the tenant's designated representative, if any. If there is no designated representative, the facility shall notify the county department of social or human services under s. 46.21, 46.22 or 46.23, Stats.
DHS 89.29(3)(c)1.b. b. Notice of termination shall include the grounds for termination and information about how to file a grievance consistent with the termination and grievance policies and procedures contained in the service agreement.
DHS 89.29(3)(c)1.c. c. The 30-day notice period required for termination may include the period covered by a notice of nonpayment of fees and opportunity to pay any deficiency as required under par. (a) 7., provided that notice of termination is included with the notice of non-payment of fees.
DHS 89.29(3)(c)2. 2. No 30-day notice is required in an emergency. In this subdivision, “emergency" means an immediate and documented threat to the health or safety of the tenant or of others in the facility.
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