Register April 2024 No. 820
Chapter DHS 105
DHS 105.01   Introduction.
DHS 105.02   Requirements for maintaining certification.
DHS 105.03   Participation by non-certified persons.
DHS 105.04   Supervision of provider assistants.
DHS 105.05   Physicians and assistants.
DHS 105.055   Nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologist assistants.
DHS 105.06   Dentists and dental hygienists.
DHS 105.07   General hospitals.
DHS 105.075   Rehabilitation hospitals.
DHS 105.08   Skilled nursing facilities.
DHS 105.09   Medicare bed requirement.
DHS 105.10   SNFs and ICFs with deficiencies.
DHS 105.11   Intermediate care facilities.
DHS 105.12   ICFs for individuals with intellectual disabilities or individuals with related conditions.
DHS 105.14   Adult day care centers.
DHS 105.15   Pharmacies.
DHS 105.16   Home health agencies.
DHS 105.17   Personal care providers.
DHS 105.19   Nurses in independent practice.
DHS 105.20   Nurse practitioners.
DHS 105.201   Nurse-midwives.
DHS 105.21   Hospital IMDS.
DHS 105.22   Psychotherapy providers.
DHS 105.23   Alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) treatment providers.
DHS 105.24   Mental health day treatment or day hospital service providers.
DHS 105.25   Alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) day treatment providers.
DHS 105.255   Community support programs.
DHS 105.257   Community-based psychosocial service programs.
DHS 105.26   Chiropractors.
DHS 105.265   Podiatrists.
DHS 105.27   Physical therapists and assistants.
DHS 105.28   Occupational therapists and assistants.
DHS 105.29   Speech and hearing clinics.
DHS 105.30   Speech pathologists.
DHS 105.31   Audiologists.
DHS 105.32   Optometrists.
DHS 105.33   Opticians.
DHS 105.34   Rehabilitation agencies.
DHS 105.35   Rural health clinics.
DHS 105.36   Family planning clinics or agencies.
DHS 105.37   Early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT) providers.
DHS 105.38   Ambulance providers.
DHS 105.39   Specialized medical vehicle providers.
DHS 105.40   Durable medical equipment and medical supply vendors.
DHS 105.41   Certification of hearing instrument specialists.
DHS 105.42   Physician office laboratories.
DHS 105.43   Hospital and independent clinical laboratories.
DHS 105.44   Portable x-ray providers.
DHS 105.45   Dialysis facilities.
DHS 105.46   Blood banks.
DHS 105.47   Health maintenance organizations and prepaid health plans.
DHS 105.48   Out-of-state providers.
DHS 105.49   Ambulatory surgical centers.
DHS 105.50   Hospices.
DHS 105.51   Case management agency providers.
DHS 105.52   Prenatal care coordination providers.
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