Register September 2023 No. 813
Chapter DHS 110

Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 110.01   Authority and purpose.
DHS 110.02   Applicability.
DHS 110.03   Waivers.
DHS 110.04   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Emergency Medical Professionals; Licensing; Certification; Training; Credential; Fees
DHS 110.05   License or certificate and credential required.
DHS 110.06   Application for initial license or certificate; initial training requirements.
DHS 110.066   Application for license or certificate when licensed and trained in another state as an EMS professional.
DHS 110.07   Application for renewal license or certificate; refresher training requirements.
DHS 110.08   Practice level upgrades; downgrades.
DHS 110.088   Endorsements.
DHS 110.09   Expiration date; expired license or certification; late renewal; reinstatement.
DHS 110.10   Department decision on applications.
DHS 110.11   Credential requirement.
DHS 110.12   Authorized actions; scope of practice.
DHS 110.13   Professional responsibilities.
DHS 110.14   Written and practical examinations retakes.
DHS 110.15   Emergency medical services practitioner training permit application; authorized actions and limitations.
DHS 110.16   Department administrative fees.
Subchapter III — CPR Training Organizations; Training Centers
DHS 110.17   CPR and AED training and instruction.
DHS 110.18   Training center initial and renewal certification requirements.
DHS 110.19   Course approval requirements.
DHS 110.20   Emergency medical responder training course content and hours.
DHS 110.21   Emergency medical services practitioner training course content and hours.
DHS 110.22   Accreditation of training centers.
DHS 110.23   Records and recordkeeping requirements.
DHS 110.24   Required training center personnel; personnel responsibilities.
DHS 110.25   Program director; application for department approval.
DHS 110.26   Training center medical director; application for department approval.
DHS 110.27   EMS instructor I; application for department approval.
DHS 110.28   EMS instructor II; application for initial and renewal certification.
DHS 110.29   Training center oversight.
DHS 110.30   Department decision on applications.
DHS 110.31   Expiration dates; approvals and certifications.
Subchapter IV — Emergency Medical Service Provider Licensing and Operation
DHS 110.32   Emergency medical service provider license required; license levels.
DHS 110.33   Authorized services.
DHS 110.34   Responsibilities.
DHS 110.35   License and application requirements.
DHS 110.36   Phase-in period; service level upgrades and downgrades.
DHS 110.37   Service level downgrades.
DHS 110.38   Interfacility transports.
DHS 110.39   Critical care and specialty care transports.
DHS 110.395   Community EMS.
DHS 110.40   Intercept service.
DHS 110.41   Air medical services.
DHS 110.42   Tactical emergency medical services.
DHS 110.43   Special units.
DHS 110.44   Special events.
DHS 110.45   Department decisions on applications.
DHS 110.46   License duration and application for renewal license.
DHS 110.47   Required personnel and responsibilities.
DHS 110.48   Service director.
DHS 110.49   Service medical director.
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