Register September 2017 No. 741
Chapter DHS 133
DHS 133.01   Authority and purpose.
DHS 133.02   Definitions.
DHS 133.03   Licensure.
DHS 133.04   Inspections.
DHS 133.05   Governance.
DHS 133.06   Administration.
DHS 133.07   Evaluation.
DHS 133.08   Patient rights.
DHS 133.09   Acceptance and discharge of patients.
DHS 133.10   Services provided.
DHS 133.11   Referrals.
DHS 133.12   Coordination with other providers.
DHS 133.13   Emergency notification.
DHS 133.14   Skilled nursing services.
DHS 133.15   Therapy services.
DHS 133.16   Medical social services.
DHS 133.17   Home health aide services.
DHS 133.18   Supervisory visits.
DHS 133.19   Services under contract.
DHS 133.20   Plan of care.
DHS 133.21   Medical records.
Ch. DHS 133 Note Note: Chapter H 33 as it existed on May 31, 1984 was repealed and a new chapter HSS 133 was created effective June 1, 1984. Chapter HSS 133 was renumbered chapter HFS 133 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register, September, 1999, No. 525. Chapter HFS 133 was renumbered chapter DHS 133 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., and corrections made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register January 2009 No. 637.
DHS 133.01 DHS 133.01Authority and purpose. This chapter is promulgated under the authority of s. 50.49 (2), Stats. The chapter establishes minimum standards for the care, treatment, health, safety, welfare, and comfort of patients by home health agencies and for the maintenance and operation of home health agencies which, in the light of advancing knowledge, will promote safe and adequate care and treatment of such patients by home health agencies.
DHS 133.01 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1984, No. 341, eff. 6-1-84; correction made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, August, 1995, No. 476; CR 16-077: am. Register September 2017 No. 741 eff. 10-1-17.
DHS 133.02 DHS 133.02Definitions. In this chapter:
DHS 133.02(1) (1) “Advanced practice nurse" has the meaning given in s. N 8.02 (1).
DHS 133.02(1e) (1e) “Advanced practice nurse prescriber" has the meaning given in s. N 8.02 (2).
DHS 133.02(1m) (1m) “Branch office" means a location or site from which a home health agency provides services within a portion of the total geographic area served by the home health agency.
DHS 133.02(1s) (1s) “Caregiver" has the meaning given in s. 50.065 (1) (ag), Stats.
DHS 133.02(2) (2) “Department" means the Wisconsin department of health services.
DHS 133.02(3) (3) “Home health agency" has the meaning given in s. 50.49 (1) (a), Stats.
DHS 133.02(4) (4) “Home health aide" means an individual whose name is on the registry and who is eligible for employment in a home health agency, and who is employed by or under contract to a home health agency to provide home health aide services under supervision of a registered nurse.
DHS 133.02(5) (5) “Home health aide services" means personal care services which will facilitate the patient's self-care at home and are necessary to prevent or postpone institutionalization, but do not require performance by a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.
DHS 133.02(5g) (5g) “Home health services” has the meaning given in s. 50.49 (1) (b), Stats.
DHS 133.02(5m) (5m) “Legal representative" means a person who is any of the following:
DHS 133.02(5m)(a) (a) A guardian as defined under s. 54.01 (10), Stats.
DHS 133.02(5m)(b) (b) A person appointed as a health care agent under an activated power of attorney for health care under ch. 155, Stats.
DHS 133.02(5m)(c) (c) A person appointed as an agent to make health care decisions under a durable power of attorney under s. 243.07, 1989 Stats., executed on or before April 28, 1990.
DHS 133.02(5m)(d) (d) A parent of a minor.
DHS 133.02(6) (6) “Licensed practical nurse" means a person licensed as a trained practical nurse under ch. 441, Stats.
DHS 133.02(6g) (6g) “Medical assistance" has the meaning given in s. DHS 101.03 (95).
DHS 133.02(6m) (6m) “Medicare" has the meaning given is s. DHS 101.03 (98).
DHS 133.02(7) (7) “Occupational therapist" means someone who meets the requirements of s. DHS 105.28.
DHS 133.02(8) (8) “Parent agency" means a home health agency with one or more branch offices.
DHS 133.02(8m) (8m) “Patient fee revenue" means gross patient revenue less the following deductions:
DHS 133.02(8m)(a) (a) Contractual adjustments from medical assistance, medicare, other federal payment sources, and third party payers.
DHS 133.02(8m)(b) (b) Bad debts that cannot be collected from private pay clients.
DHS 133.02(8m)(c) (c) Charitable contributions.
DHS 133.02 Note Note: Examples of other federal payment sources are the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS), as authorized under 32 CFR 199, and benefits provided through the Veteran's Administration. An example of a third party payer is a commercial insurer, including a health maintenance organization.
DHS 133.02(9) (9) “Physical therapist" means a person licensed to practice physical therapy under ch. 448, Stats.
DHS 133.02(9m) (9m) “Physician assistant” has the meaning given in s. 448.01 (6), Stats.
DHS 133.02(10) (10) “Registered nurse" means a nurse registered under s. 441.06, Stats.
DHS 133.02(10m) (10m) “Registry" has the meaning specified in s. DHS 129.03 (18).
DHS 133.02(11) (11) “Social worker" means an individual who holds a social worker certificate or a clinical social worker license under s. 457.08, Stats., and has had one year of social work experience in a health care setting.
DHS 133.02(12) (12) “Speech pathologist" means a person who possesses a certificate of clinical competence from the American speech and hearing association, or has completed the equivalent educational requirements and work experience necessary for such a certificate, or who will have completed the academic program and be in the process of accumulating the supervised work experience required to qualify for such a certificate before employment by the home health agency.
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