DHS 146.02 DHS 146.02Definitions. In this chapter:
DHS 146.02(1) (1)“Department" means the Wisconsin department of health services.
DHS 146.02(2) (2)“Local health department" has the meaning prescribed in s. 250.01 (4), Stats.
DHS 146.02(3) (3)“Physician" means a person licensed under ch. 448, Stats., to practice medicine or osteopathy.
DHS 146.02 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1995, No. 472, eff. 5-1-95; correction in (1) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6., Stats., Register, November, 1996, No. 491; correction in (1) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., Stats., Register January 2009 No. 637.
DHS 146.03 DHS 146.03Vaccine-preventable diseases. All of the following are vaccine-preventable diseases for purposes of the statewide immunization program under s. 252.04 (1), Stats., including for purposes of purchasing and distributing vaccines without charge under s. 252.04 (8), Stats.:
DHS 146.03(1) (1)Diphtheria.
DHS 146.03(2) (2)Haemophilus influenzae type b.
DHS 146.03(3) (3)Hepatitis A.
DHS 146.03(4) (4)Hepatitis B.
DHS 146.03(5) (5)   Human Papilloma Virus.
DHS 146.03(6) (6)   Influenza.
DHS 146.03(7) (7)Measles.
DHS 146.03(8) (8)   Meningitis.
DHS 146.03(9) (9)Mumps.
DHS 146.03(10) (10)Pertussis (whooping cough).
DHS 146.03(11) (11)   Pneumococcal.
DHS 146.03(12) (12)Poliomyelitis.
DHS 146.03(13) (13)   Rabies.
DHS 146.03(14) (14)   Rotavirus.
DHS 146.03(15) (15)Rubella (German measles).
DHS 146.03(16) (16)Tetanus.
DHS 146.03(17) (17)Varicella (chickenpox).
DHS 146.03(18) (18)   Zoster (shingles).
DHS 146.03 Note Note: This is not the list of diseases for which immunizations are required as a condition of admission to an elementary, middle, junior high or senior high school or a childcare center. See ch. DHS 144 for those requirements.
DHS 146.03 Note Note: Contact the Wisconsin Immunization Program at 608-267-9959 for vaccine requests.
DHS 146.03 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1995, No. 472, eff. 5-1-95; am. (9), (10), cr. (11), Register, November, 1996, No. 491, eff. 12-1-96; CR 18-064: r and recr. Register March 2020 No. 771, eff. 4-1-20.
DHS 146.04 DHS 146.04Purchase and distribution of vaccines.
DHS 146.04(1)(1)Purchase by department. The department shall purchase vaccines against the diseases listed in s. DHS 146.03 with federal or state funds, if funds are available for this purpose, and shall distribute the vaccines, in amounts to be determined by the department, without charge to school districts and local health departments requesting the vaccines for local immunization programs.
DHS 146.04(2) (2)Requests for vaccines. A school district or local health department may request free vaccines from the department for a program of immunization against one or more vaccine-preventable diseases. The request shall be in writing and shall be addressed to the department's immunization program.
DHS 146.04 Note Note: A request for vaccines should be sent to Immunization Program, Division of Health, P.O. Box 309, Madison, WI 53707-0309.
DHS 146.04(3) (3)Department consultation and written protocols. The department shall provide consultation to school districts and local health departments receiving free vaccines under sub. (2) on developing and implementing a local immunization program and, as required under s. 252.04 (9) (a), Stats., shall provide written protocols for the administration of immunizations.
DHS 146.04 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1995, No. 472, eff. 5-1-95.
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