Register June 2023 No. 810
Chapter DHS 157
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DHS 157.01   Authority and purpose.
DHS 157.02   Applicability.
DHS 157.03   Definitions.
DHS 157.04   Exemptions from the regulatory requirements.
DHS 157.05   Prohibitions.
DHS 157.06   General regulatory requirements.
Subchapter II — Licensing of Radioactive Material
DHS 157.09   Exemptions.
DHS 157.10   License types and fees.
DHS 157.11   General licenses.
DHS 157.12   Registration of generally licensed devices.
DHS 157.13   Specific licenses.
DHS 157.14   Reciprocity.
DHS 157.15   Financial assurance and records for decommissioning.
Subchapter III — Standards for Protection from Radiation
DHS 157.20   Implementation.
DHS 157.21   Radiation protection programs.
DHS 157.22   Occupational dose limits.
DHS 157.23   Radiation dose limits for individual members of the public.
DHS 157.24   Testing for leakage or contamination of sealed sources.
DHS 157.25   Surveys and monitoring.
DHS 157.26   Control of exposure from external sources in restricted areas.
DHS 157.27   Respiratory protection and controls to restrict internal exposure in restricted areas.
DHS 157.28   Storage and control of licensed or registered sources of radiation.
DHS 157.29   Precautionary procedures.
DHS 157.30   Waste management.
DHS 157.31   Records.
DHS 157.32   Reports.
DHS 157.33   Radiological criteria for license termination.
Subchapter IV — Radiation Safety Requirements for Industrial Radiographic Operations
DHS 157.35   Exemptions.
DHS 157.36   Performance requirements for industrial radiography equipment.
DHS 157.37   Radiation safety requirements for storage containers and source changers.
DHS 157.38   Radiation survey instruments.
DHS 157.39   Leak testing and replacement of sealed sources.
DHS 157.40   Quarterly inventory.
DHS 157.41   Inspection and maintenance of radiation machines, radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment, source changers and survey instruments.
DHS 157.42   Permanent radiographic installations.
DHS 157.43   Labeling, transportation and storage.
DHS 157.44   Operational radiation safety requirements.
DHS 157.45   Recordkeeping requirements.
DHS 157.46   Notifications.
DHS 157.47   Reciprocity.
DHS 157.48   Specific requirements for radiographic personnel performing industrial radiography.
Subchapter V — Radiation Safety Requirements for Well Logging
DHS 157.51   Prohibition.
DHS 157.52   Equipment control.
DHS 157.53   Requirements for personnel safety.
DHS 157.54   Precautionary procedures.
DHS 157.55   Radiation surveys and records.
DHS 157.56   Notification of incidents, abandonment and lost sources.
Subchapter VI — Medical Use of Radioactive Material
DHS 157.59   General requirements.
DHS 157.61   Administrative requirements.
DHS 157.62   Technical requirements.
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