Register March 2018 No. 747
Chapter DOC 303
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DOC 303.01   Applicability and purposes.
DOC 303.02   Definitions.
DOC 303.03   Lesser included offenses.
DOC 303.04   Conspiracy.
DOC 303.05   Attempt.
DOC 303.06   Aiding and abetting.
DOC 303.07   Department policy.
DOC 303.08   Notice of disciplinary rules.
DOC 303.09   Seizure and disposition of contraband.
DOC 303.10   Temporary lock up: use.
Subchapter II — Offenses Against Bodily Security
DOC 303.11   Assault.
DOC 303.12   Aggravated assault.
DOC 303.13   Assault on employee.
DOC 303.14   Sexual conduct.
DOC 303.15   Sexual contact or intercourse.
DOC 303.16   Sexual assault.
DOC 303.17   Sexual assault-aggravated.
DOC 303.18   Threats.
DOC 303.19   Stalking.
Subchapter III — Offenses Against Institutional Security
DOC 303.20   Endangering safety.
DOC 303.21   Inciting a disturbance.
DOC 303.22   Participating in a disturbance.
DOC 303.23   Taking a hostage.
DOC 303.24   Group resistance and petitions.
DOC 303.25   Cruelty to animals.
DOC 303.26   Escape.
DOC 303.27   Disguising identity.
Subchapter IV — Offenses Against Order
DOC 303.28   Disobeying orders.
DOC 303.29   Disrespect.
DOC 303.30   Soliciting an employee.
DOC 303.31   Lying.
DOC 303.32   Lying about an employee.
DOC 303.33   Disruptive conduct.
DOC 303.34   Unauthorized forms of communication.
DOC 303.35   False names and titles.
DOC 303.36   Enterprises and fraud.
Subchapter V — Offenses Against Property
DOC 303.37   Theft.
DOC 303.38   Damage or alteration of property.
DOC 303.39   Misuse of state or federal property.
DOC 303.40   Unauthorized transfer of property.
DOC 303.41   Counterfeiting and forgery.
Subchapter VI — Contraband Offenses
DOC 303.42   Possession or use of money or negotiable instruments.
DOC 303.43   Possession of intoxicants.
DOC 303.44   Possession of intoxicant paraphernalia.
DOC 303.45   Possession, manufacture or use of weapons.
DOC 303.46   Possession of tobacco.
DOC 303.47   Possession of contraband—miscellaneous.
DOC 303.48   Possession of electronic communication or data storage devices.
DOC 303.49   Unauthorized use of the mail.
Subchapter VII — Movement Offenses
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