DOC 311.11(2) (2) If an inmate is placed in observation by a person under s. DOC 311.10 (2), a physician shall be notified immediately of the placement and shall examine the inmate within 2 working days.
DOC 311.11(3) (3) Within 24 hours or as soon as possible after the examination, the inmate shall be advised of the reasons for the placement and findings of the examination. The physician shall provide written notification of the findings of the examination within a reasonable period of time.
DOC 311.11 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
DOC 311.12 DOC 311.12Continued medical placement.
DOC 311.12(1) (1) An inmate placed in medical observation may remain in medical observation for a reasonable period of time for diagnosis and treatment or as needed, as determined by a physician, until such time as a physician determines that the inmate no longer requires separation from the population.
DOC 311.12(2) (2) An inmate placed in observation shall receive periodic reviews of the medical placement status by a physician. The frequency of the periodic review shall be based on the inmate's medical diagnosis and the physician's professional judgment.
DOC 311.12 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
DOC 311.13 DOC 311.13Appeals.
DOC 311.13(1) (1) An inmate placed in observation shall have the immediate right to appeal such placement decision to the administrator under any of the following circumstances:
DOC 311.13(1)(a) (a) The inmate has not received a timely review under s. DOC 311.05 (2).
DOC 311.13(1)(b) (b) The inmate in observation for mental health purposes due to dangerousness to himself or herself wishes to challenge the review of dangerousness to self decision.
DOC 311.13(2) (2) The administrator may request an additional clinical or medical assessment of the inmate's condition prior to the administrator's written decision which shall be issued to the inmate and clinical or medical staff within 5 working days of receipt of the appeal.
DOC 311.13(3) (3) An inmate may appeal the administrator's written decision to the secretary who shall issue a written decision within 5 working days of the appeal.
DOC 311.13 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
DOC 311.14 DOC 311.14Conditions of confinement while in observation.
DOC 311.14(1)(1) An inmate in observation shall be confined alone in a well-ventilated, sanitary, secure cell equipped with an observation port. Conditions, including privileges and properties, shall, insofar as possible, be the same as those in the status from which the inmate came prior to the observation placement. A staff member who is authorized in s. DOC 311.04 (4) to place an inmate in observation may change the inmate's condition of confinement if the staff member reasonably believes any of the following:
DOC 311.14(1)(a) (a) These privileges or properties may be used by the inmate, or another inmate also in the observation unit, for self-harm or to harm others.
DOC 311.14(1)(b) (b) The properties cannot be moved conveniently to the observation cell.
DOC 311.14(1)(c) (c) The privileges cannot be offered due to the secured nature of the observation unit.
DOC 311.14(1)(d) (d) The properties or privileges are clinically or medically contraindicated.
DOC 311.14(2) (2) The appropriate privileges and properties to be allowed the inmate in observation shall be determined by the clinician, crisis intervention worker or physician at the time of the examination of the inmate, after a consultation with the supervisor of the unit.
DOC 311.14(3) (3) If any of the privileges or properties are used by the inmate or another inmate also in the observation unit for self-harm or harm to others, or otherwise seriously disrupts the safe, efficient operation of the observation unit, the privileges or properties shall be withdrawn immediately by the staff member noting the problem.
DOC 311.14(4) (4) The warden has final authority regarding privileges or property of an inmate in observation. The warden shall review and either approve or disapprove a decision regarding inmate privileges or properties. The warden shall take appropriate and prompt action.
DOC 311.14 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
DOC 311.15 DOC 311.15Monitoring and recording.
DOC 311.15(1) (1) For an inmate placed in observation for mental health purposes, a staff member shall have immediate access to the inmate and shall accompany the inmate at all times while in unsecured areas.
DOC 311.15(2) (2) Staff shall observe and record the activities of the inmate at least once every 15 minutes with appropriate documentation made of significant incidents involving the inmate.
DOC 311.15 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
DOC 311.16 DOC 311.16Release from observation. Upon release from observation the inmate shall be returned to previous status and assignment if possible and advisable.
DOC 311.16 History History: Cr. Register, May, 1998, No. 509, eff. 6-1-98.
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