DOC 327.06(8) (8)The inmate's eligibility under s. DOC 327.04, the adequacy of the inmate's plan, the objectives under s. DOC 302.02 and any other factors which relate to whether the inmate will be able to maintain himself or herself in a CRC placement without engaging in criminal or disciplinary activity may be considered in making the decision.
DOC 327.06(9) (9)If CRC placement is approved, the superintendent may impose in writing any special conditions, such as restrictions on associations or possessions, that are appropriate.
DOC 327.06(10) (10)Upon placement approval, the CRC PRC staff shall notify the classification chief. The notification shall include, if applicable:
DOC 327.06(10)(a) (a) Date placement is to begin;
DOC 327.06(10)(b) (b) Site of residence;
DOC 327.06(10)(c) (c) Job, school and treatment plans;
DOC 327.06(10)(d) (d) Transportation arrangements between state correctional facility and CRC placement; and
DOC 327.06(10)(e) (e) Other information that may be required to prepare for the placement.
DOC 327.06 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1990, No. 417, eff. 10-1-90; CR 17-026: am. (8), Register June 2018 No. 750 eff. 7-1-18.
DOC 327.07 DOC 327.07CRC placement.
DOC 327.07(1)(1)Before the inmate's placement:
DOC 327.07(1)(a) (a) A CRC staff person designated by the superintendent shall advise the inmate's employer, appropriate school administrators and persons sharing the residence with the inmate of their responsibilities to the inmate and the program. Other occupants of the residence shall agree in writing to searches of the residence, including the grounds, in accordance with s. DOC 327.21.
DOC 327.07(1)(b) (b) The inmate shall sign an agreement to abide by the rules of CRC placement, electronic monitoring and any special conditions imposed on the inmate's placement.
DOC 327.07(1)(c) (c) The department shall notify the committing court, the municipal police chief, the county sheriff and district attorney for the area where the inmate plans to reside.
DOC 327.07(2) (2)CRC staff and the division's central office staff shall coordinate transportation arrangements between the state correctional facility and the approved CRC placement. The department is not required to provide transportation to the inmate.
DOC 327.07(3) (3)A CRC staff person shall meet with the inmate at the CRC residence to activate the electronic surveillance.
DOC 327.07(4) (4)The CRC staff member shall explain to the inmate the rules of CRC placement and the special conditions of the inmate's placement. The CRC staff member shall describe how the electronic monitoring equipment works, any special limitations on transportation methods or routes, the places the inmate is authorized to visit, the hours the inmate is authorized to be absent from his or her residence, and the area designated as the limits of the inmate's confinement.
DOC 327.07(5) (5)An inmate in a community residential confinement placement remains in the legal custody of the department and is an inmate in institution status.
DOC 327.07 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1990, No. 417, eff. 10-1-90.
DOC 327.08 DOC 327.08Changes in CRC program assignment.
DOC 327.08(1)(1)In this section, “program assignment" means assignment to work, school, treatment or an approved alternative program, or to a combination of these. It does not include a more specific assignment, such as a particular job within a work assignment.
DOC 327.08(2) (2)For the purposes of considering a change in an inmate's program assignment after initial CRC placement approval under s. DOC 327.06, not including termination of the CRC placement under s. DOC 327.10, a CRC PRC shall consist of 2 members including a social worker and correctional officer. The superintendent may designate persons to sit as alternates.
DOC 327.08(3) (3)CRC PRC approval or disapproval for a change in program assignment shall be by unanimous vote. If the vote is not unanimous, the case shall be referred to the superintendent for a decision.
DOC 327.08(4) (4)The criteria under ss. DOC 302.11 and 302.13, the availability of programs in the community, and any other factor relevant to the inmate's rehabilitation and the protection of the community may be considered in making the decision.
DOC 327.08(5) (5)Reasons for the decision concerning a program assignment shall be given to the inmate in writing.
DOC 327.08(6) (6)An inmate may appeal the PRC's decision concerning a program assignment to the superintendent within 10 days after receipt of the decision.
DOC 327.08(7) (7)Although PRC approval is not necessary, an inmate may not change his or her schedule or specific job, school or treatment activities without prior approval by a CRC staff member designated by the superintendent.
DOC 327.08 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1990, No. 417, eff. 10-1-90; CR 17-026: am. (4), Register June 2018 No. 750 eff. 7-1-18.
DOC 327.09 DOC 327.09Inmate conduct in CRC placements.
DOC 327.09(1)(1)The following provisions apply to the conduct of inmates in community residential confinement placements and shall be included in the agreement signed by an inmate under s. DOC 327.07 (2):
DOC 327.09(1)(a) (a) An inmate may not possess or use any form of alcohol, or other intoxicating substance as defined under s. DOC 303.02 (23) except as authorized and directed by an approved physician;
DOC 327.09(1)(b) (b) An inmate shall abide by all the rules of the inmate's employer or the educational or training facility to which the inmate is assigned;
DOC 327.09(1)(c) (c) Except for retaining an attorney, an inmate may not enter into a contract or other agreement without prior approval by the superintendent. Contracts which require prior approval include but are not limited to the purchase of property, time payments and marriage.
DOC 327.09(1)(d) (d) An inmate shall abide by this chapter and other rules referenced in this chapter, the specific policies, procedures and rules of any facility in which the inmate is housed, any special conditions imposed on the CRC placement, and all pertinent state and federal statutes and local ordinances. In addition, if an inmate is housed in a state correctional institution he or she shall abide by all of the department's administrative rules for institutions;
DOC 327.09(1)(e) (e) Any intentional failure of the inmate to return to the CRC residence on schedule or leaving the confines of the authorized area to which he or she is assigned without permission, may be referred for prosecution as an escape under s. 946.42 (3), Stats.;
DOC 327.09(1)(f) (f) An inmate may not remain in a community residential confinement placement if, as a result, a medical or psychological problem of the inmate would go untreated;
DOC 327.09(1)(g) (g) If an inmate is attending school, the inmate shall attend all regularly scheduled classes even if the instructor does not require attendance, unless the inmate obtains an excuse from CRC staff;
DOC 327.09(1)(h) (h) If an inmate attending school fails to maintain passing grades in all courses and a cumulative 2 point (2.0) grade point average (C average) or better on a 4 point (4.0) scale or receives one or more incompletes, the PRC may terminate the CRC placement;
DOC 327.09(1)(i) (i) Unless approved in advance by CRC staff, an inmate may not enroll in or attend evening courses, courses requiring attendance at events away from the school site, theater activities, field trips, athletic functions or social events;
DOC 327.09(1)(j) (j) Inmates shall report all arrests or official police contacts to CRC staff immediately;
DOC 327.09(1)(k) (k) Inmates shall submit a schedule of activities to CRC staff as directed by the staff;
DOC 327.09(1)(L) (L) Inmates shall make themselves available for tests and searches ordered by CRC staff in accordance with this chapter;
DOC 327.09(1)(m) (m) Inmates shall attend and participate in programs and treatment mandated by department staff;
DOC 327.09(1)(n) (n) An inmate may not change his or her schedule or CRC program including specific residence, work or treatment situation without prior approval by appropriate CRC staff;
DOC 327.09(1)(o) (o) An inmate may not purchase, lease, trade, sell, or operate a motor vehicle without advance approval by CRC staff. To obtain approval to operate a motor vehicle, the inmate shall demonstrate proof of insurance, have a valid Wisconsin driver's license and, if the vehicle is owned by another person, have the permission of the owner to operate the vehicle;
DOC 327.09(1)(p) (p) An inmate shall be responsible for maintaining telephone service compatible with the CRC electronic monitoring equipment and CRC programming needs. Personal use of the telephone line may be restricted to allow for proper functioning of the electronic monitoring equipment;
DOC 327.09(1)(q) (q) An inmate shall wear an electronic device continuously on the inmate's person and comply with other requirements of the electronic monitoring system as directed by appropriate CRC staff;
DOC 327.09(1)(r) (r) An inmate may not tamper with the electronic monitoring equipment. Inmates are responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic monitoring equipment, except that inmates are not responsible for malfunctioning of equipment caused by faulty manufacturing.
DOC 327.09(1)(s) (s) An inmate shall pay a reasonable electronic monitoring fee as determined by the department unless the superintendent waives the fee. Failure of an inmate to make payments on schedule may result in the inmate's termination from a CRC placement. Inmates may not be terminated from a CRC placement solely for failure to pay an electronic monitoring fee; and
DOC 327.09(1)(t) (t) An inmate shall acknowledge the department's authority to collect all funds earned and compensation received by the inmate while in a CRC placement and to disburse those funds in accordance with s. DOC 327.15.
DOC 327.09(2) (2)All the offenses listed in ss. DOC 303.11 to 303.64 apply to inmates in community residential confinement placement with the following exceptions, substitutions and modifications:
DOC 327.09(2)(a) (a) Sections DOC 303.14 and 303.15 on sexual conduct do not apply.
DOC 327.09(2)(b) (b) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.21 on inciting a disturbance: Any inmate who intentionally encourages, directs, commands, coerces or signals one or more other persons to participate in a disturbance is guilty of an offense. “Disturbance" has the meaning given in s. DOC 303.02 (13).
DOC 327.09(2)(c) (c) Section DOC 303.24 on group resistance and petitions does not apply.
DOC 327.09(2)(d) (d) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.04 on conspiracy:
DOC 327.09(2)(d)1. 1. If an inmate plans or agrees to do acts which are forbidden under this chapter with another person or persons, the inmate is guilty of an offense.
DOC 327.09(2)(d)2. 2. The penalty for conspiracy may be the same as the penalty for the most serious of the planned offenses;
DOC 327.09(2)(e) (e) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.26 on escape:
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1. 1. An inmate who does any of the following without permission is guilty of an offense:
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1.a. a. Leaves an institution;
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1.b. b. Leaves the custody of a staff member;
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1.c. c. Does not follow his or her assigned schedule;
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1.d. d. Leaves the confines of the authorized area to which he or she is assigned and does not return promptly; or
DOC 327.09(2)(e)1.e. e. Does not return to the CRC residence on schedule;
DOC 327.09(2)(f) (f) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.31 on lying: Any inmate who knowingly makes a false written or oral statement to a staff member is guilty of an offense;
DOC 327.09(2)(h) (h) Section DOC 303.34 on unauthorized forms of communication does not apply.
DOC 327.09(2)(i) (i) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.36 on enterprises and fraud: Any inmate who offers to buy or orders any item with the intention of not paying for it or incurs debt without permission is guilty of an offense.
DOC 327.09(2)(k) (k) Section DOC 303.40 on unauthorized transfer of property does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(L) (L) Section DOC 303.42 on possession of money does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(m) (m) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.43 on possession of intoxicants:
DOC 327.09(2)(m)1. 1. Except as specifically authorized by CRC staff, any inmate who knowingly has in his or her possession any intoxicating substance as defined under s. DOC 303.02 (23) is guilty of an offense; and
DOC 327.09 Note 2. All intoxicating substances prohibited by this section shall be confiscated, whether or not any violation of this section occurred;
DOC 327.09(2)(o) (o) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.47 on possession of contraband — miscellaneous: Any inmate who knowingly possesses any items of a type which is not allowed under s. DOC 327.16 (6) (c) 1. or 5. or under the inmate's special conditions of CRC placement is guilty of an offense;
DOC 327.09(2)(p) (p) Section DOC 303.49 on unauthorized use of the mail does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(q) (q) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.50 on punctuality and attendance: Inmates shall attend and be on time for all events, classes, meetings, appointments, job and other activities for which they are scheduled. Any inmate who violates this section is guilty of an offense, unless one of the following applies:
DOC 327.09 Note 1. The inmate is sick and the appropriate CRC staff member has been notified;
DOC 327.09(2)(q)2. 2. A CRC staff member has granted the inmate permission to be in some other location; or
DOC 327.09(2)(q)3. 3. The inmate has been authorized to change his or her schedule by a CRC staff member;
DOC 327.09(2)(r) (r) Section DOC 303.51 on loitering does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(s) (s) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.52 on leaving assigned area: Any inmate who leaves an area where he or she is attending a scheduled activity or who leaves the immediate area of a work or school assignment before the activity or the work or school assignment is over is guilty of an offense, unless absence from the assigned area has been approved by an appropriate CRC staff member;
DOC 327.09(2)(t) (t) Section DOC 303.54 on entry into another inmate's assigned living area does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(u) (u) Section DOC 303.55 on improper storage does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(v) (v) Section DOC 303.56 on dirty assigned living area does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(w) (w) Section DOC 303.57 on poor personal hygiene does not apply;
DOC 327.09(2)(x) (x) The following is substituted for s. DOC 303.58 on misuse of medication: Any inmate who knowingly does any of the following is guilty of an offense:
DOC 327.09(2)(x)1. 1. Takes more of a prescription medication than was prescribed;
DOC 327.09(2)(x)2. 2. Takes a prescription medication more often than was prescribed;
DOC 327.09(2)(x)3. 3. Takes a prescription medication which was not prescribed for him or her; or
DOC 327.09(2)(x)4. 4. Obtains a prescription for medication without approval by CRC staff.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.