Register October 2019 No. 766
Chapter DOC 328
Subchapter I — General Provisions
DOC 328.01   Purpose.
DOC 328.02   Applicability.
DOC 328.03   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Offender under Supervision
DOC 328.04   Community supervision.
DOC 328.05   Institution release planning.
DOC 328.06   Notice to law enforcement of inmate release to supervision.
DOC 328.07   Supervision fees.
DOC 328.08   Financial obligations.
DOC 328.09   Extension of probation.
DOC 328.10   Funds and property.
DOC 328.11   Purchase of goods and services.
DOC 328.12   Offender administrative review process.
DOC 328.13   Temporary travel.
DOC 328.14   Interstate transfer.
DOC 328.15   Voluntary return to a correctional facility.
DOC 328.16   Discharge.
DOC 328.17   Early discharge.
Subchapter III — Enforcement Options and Related Matters
DOC 328.18   Use of force.
DOC 328.19   Mechanical restraints.
DOC 328.20   Incapacitating agents.
DOC 328.21   Firearms or other weapons.
DOC 328.22   Search and seizure; pat-down.
DOC 328.23   Contraband.
DOC 328.24   Absconding.
DOC 328.25   Tolled time.
DOC 328.26   Reinstatement.
DOC 328.27   Custody and detention.
DOC 328.28   Psychotropic medication as a condition of supervision.
Ch. DOC 328 Note Note: Chapter HSS 328 was renumbered Chapter DOC 328 and revised under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., 2., 6. and 7., Stats., Register, April, 1990, No. 412. Chapter DOC 328 was repealed and recreated, Register June 2013 No. 690, eff. 7-1-13.
subch. I of ch. DOC 328 Subchapter I — General Provisions
DOC 328.01 DOC 328.01Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to provide rules, services, and programs for offenders who are under supervision of the department. All of the following specific goals and objectives assist the department in fulfilling this purpose:
DOC 328.01(1) (1)To supervise offenders to the extent necessary to meet public, victim, staff, and offender safety responsibilities.
DOC 328.01(2) (2)To assist in providing opportunities to achieve the critical success factors of residence, employment, appropriate treatment, and general stability in the living situation.
DOC 328.01(3) (3)To assist in providing access to community-based programs for offenders on community supervision.
DOC 328.01(4) (4)To establish necessary guidelines, procedures, and controls to maintain program, staff, and fiscal accountability and to promote program efficiency and effectiveness.
DOC 328.01(5) (5)To cooperate with other agencies and communities in activities for the purpose of prevention of crime and victimization.
DOC 328.01(6) (6)To protect the health, rights, and dignity of all offenders involved in the department's programs and activities.
DOC 328.01 History History: CR 10-126: cr. Register June 2013 No. 690, eff. 7-1-13.
DOC 328.02 DOC 328.02Applicability. This chapter applies to the department and to offenders under the division's custody and supervision for correctional purposes. It implements ss. 165.76, 301.001, 301.03, 301.45, 301.46, 302.11, 302.113, 302.114, 302.14, 302.19, 302.31, 302.335, 304.06 (3), 304.072, 304.074, 304.12, 304.13, 304.135, 304.137, 304.14, 939.615, 941.29, 961.47, 971.17, 972.15, 973.01, 973.04, 973.06, 973.07, 973.08, 973.09, 973.10, 973.125, and 973.20, Stats., and chs. 950 and 980, Stats.
DOC 328.02 History History: CR 10-126: cr. Register June 2013 No. 690, eff. 7-1-13; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register March 2017 No. 735.
DOC 328.03 DOC 328.03Definitions. In this chapter:
DOC 328.03(1) (1)“Abscond" means the failure of an offender to make himself or herself available as directed by the agent.
DOC 328.03(2) (2)“Administrator" means the administrator of the division or designee.
DOC 328.03(3) (3)“Advocate" means a person who assists in the presentation of the offender's position, is independent, and able to act in an offender's best interest. The advocate may not be a person in the custody or under the supervision of the department or an employee of the department.
DOC 328.03(4) (4)“Agent" means an employee of the division who may be assigned the responsibilities under this chapter.
DOC 328.03(5) (5)“Alternative to revocation" means placement in a program or imposition of a sanction in lieu of revocation.
DOC 328.03(6) (6)“Bodily harm" means physical pain or injury, illness, or any impairment of physical condition.
DOC 328.03(7) (7)“Body contents search" means a search in which the offender is required to provide a biological specimen, including but not limited to a sample of urine, breath, blood, stool, hair, fingernails, saliva, semen, or other identifying physical material.
DOC 328.03(8) (8)“Collateral" means any person who has contact with or information about an offender.
DOC 328.03(9) (9)“Commitment term" or “term" means that period of time during which the offender is subject to the control and supervision of the department.
DOC 328.03(10) (10)“Community supervision" or “supervision" means the control and management of offenders on probation, parole, extended supervision, or other statuses as authorized by court order or statute.
DOC 328.03(11) (11)“Conditions" means specific regulations imposed on the offender by the court or earned release review commission.
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