Register January 2012 No. 673
Chapter DOC 348
DOC 348.01   Purpose and authority.
DOC 348.02   Applicability.
DOC 348.03   Definitions.
DOC 348.04   Construction plans.
DOC 348.05   Physical environment.
DOC 348.06   Fire safety.
DOC 348.07   Sanitation.
DOC 348.08   Maintenance and repair.
DOC 348.09   Records and reporting.
Ch. DOC 348 Note Note: Chapter HSS 348 was renumbered Chapter DOC 348 and revised under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., 2., 6. and 7., Stats., Register, April, 1990, No. 412.
DOC 348.01 DOC 348.01Purpose and authority. The purpose of this chapter is to establish minimum standards for the design and construction of Huber facilities and for maintaining sanitary and safe conditions in these facilities. These rules are promulgated under the authority of ss. 301.36 (1) and 227.11 (2) (a), Stats.
DOC 348.01 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87.
DOC 348.02 DOC 348.02Applicability. This chapter applies to all Huber facilities established by counties under s. 303.09, Stats.
DOC 348.02 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87.
DOC 348.03 DOC 348.03Definitions. In this chapter:
DOC 348.03(1) (1) “Day room" means an area in the facility which is readily accessible to each group of sleeping rooms or dormitories and which is designated and used as a leisure time area.
DOC 348.03(2) (2) “Department" means the department of corrections.
DOC 348.03(3) (3) “Dormitory" means a room used for sleeping purposes and designed for occupancy by 3 or more persons.
DOC 348.03(4) (4) “Huber facility" or “facility" means a place of incarceration established by a county or a group of counties under s. 303.09, Stats., for use exclusively by persons granted leave privileges under s. 303.08 (1), Stats., and persons confined under s. 973.09 (4), Stats.
DOC 348.03(5) (5) “Multipurpose room" means a room or an area in the facility designated for recreational activities, physical exercise or congregate assembly other than visiting.
DOC 348.03(6) (6) “Sheriff" means the administrator of a facility and includes the superintendent of a house of correction.
DOC 348.03(7) (7) “Sleeping room" means a room used for sleeping purposes and designed for single or double occupancy.
DOC 348.03 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87.
DOC 348.04 DOC 348.04Construction plans. All sites, plans and specifications for construction or remodeling of a facility shall comply with the state commercial building code, chs. SPS 361 to 365, including requirements for a barrier-free environment and shall, following approval by the department of safety and professional services, be submitted to the department for approval pursuant to s. DOC 350.04.
DOC 348.04 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87; corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6. and 7., Stats., Register, June, 1999, No. 522; correction made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2006 No. 612; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., 7., Stats., Register January 2012 No. 673.
DOC 348.05 DOC 348.05Physical environment.
DOC 348.05(1) (1)Sleeping rooms.
DOC 348.05(1)(a)(a) Sleeping rooms shall provide not less than 56 square feet for single occupancy and 100 square feet for double occupancy. The distance between the floor and ceiling may not be less than 8 feet and the distance between walls may not be less than 7 feet.
DOC 348.05(1)(b) (b) Each occupant of a sleeping room shall have a bed, desk, chair and storage area for personal property.
DOC 348.05(1)(c) (c) Sleeping rooms shall be provided with light of at least 10 footcandles and with the capability to reduce lighting during sleeping hours to a level which permits security checks.
DOC 348.05(1)(d) (d) Each sleeping room shall be equipped with a door and shall have an observation panel which permits security checks.
DOC 348.05(1)(e) (e) Locks, if provided on sleeping room doors, may not prevent the occupant or occupants from leaving the room.
DOC 348.05(2) (2)Dormitories.
DOC 348.05(2)(a)(a) Dormitories shall have a minimum floor area of 50 square feet per occupant and a floor to ceiling height of not less than 8 feet.
DOC 348.05(2)(b) (b) A secured locker for clothing and personal property shall be provided for each occupant of the dormitory.
DOC 348.05(2)(c) (c) The number of beds in each dormitory may not exceed the number of occupants indicated by square footage requirements specified in par. (a).
DOC 348.05(2)(d) (d) Dormitories shall be provided with light of at least 10 footcandles and with the ability to reduce lighting during sleeping hours to a level which permits security checks.
DOC 348.05(2)(e) (e) Locks, if provided on entrance and exit doors of a dormitory, may not prevent the occupants from leaving the dormitory.
DOC 348.05(3) (3)Dayrooms.
DOC 348.05(3)(a)(a) All sleeping rooms and dormitories shall be provided with one or more dayrooms in their immediate vicinity that are accessible to inmates. A dayroom shall provide a minimum of 35 square feet for each occupant of the dormitories and sleeping rooms which have access to it. The distance between the ceiling and floor of a dayroom shall be at least 8 feet.
DOC 348.05(3)(b) (b) Each dayroom shall have sufficient tables and seating for the number of occupants of the dormitories and sleeping rooms that have access to it.
DOC 348.05(3)(c) (c) Lighting in dayrooms may not be less than 10 footcandles.
DOC 348.05(4) (4)Multipurpose room. Each facility shall provide a multipurpose room for recreation and physical exercise. The multipurpose room shall have a minimum of either 300 square feet or 35 square feet per occupant at maximum capacity of the facility, whichever is greater.
DOC 348.05(5) (5)Visiting area. Each facility shall provide a visiting area separate from inmate sleeping rooms, dormitories, dayrooms and multipurpose rooms. Space in the visiting area shall be sufficient to permit 10% of the maximum population of the facility to visit at the same time.
DOC 348.05(6) (6)Receiving and processing area. Each facility shall have an area for receiving and processing inmates. The area shall be immediately adjacent to the entrance of the facility and shall be designed so that activities conducted within the area cannot be viewed by the public.
DOC 348.05(7) (7)Toilet and bathing facilities. The facility shall have sufficient washbasins, stools and urinals, and showers or bathtubs. The minimum number of bathroom fixtures is specified in Table DOC 348.05.
TABLE DOC 348.05
DOC 348.05(8) (8)Doors and locks.
DOC 348.05(8)(a)(a) Each entrance and exit door to the facility shall be equipped with a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized entry. The locking mechanism may not prevent exiting by inmates or staff.
DOC 348.05(8)(b) (b) Entrance and exit doors shall be provided with an indicator light in the staff area and with an alarm system which will sound when the door is opened without authorization.
DOC 348.05(8)(c) (c) Entrance doors shall have vision panels to permit identification of individuals before they enter the facility.
DOC 348.05(9) (9)Window screens. All windows accessible to inmates shall have screens of .047 gauge with tensile strength of 1600 pounds per linear inch after weaving to prevent the introduction of contraband.
DOC 348.05(10) (10)Exterior approaches. The exterior of the facility and approaches to the facility shall be well lighted at night to permit observation of persons approaching the building.
DOC 348.05 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87.
DOC 348.06 DOC 348.06Fire safety.
DOC 348.06(1) (1) Each facility shall have and shall properly maintain fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, fire attack equipment and self-contained breathing apparatuses which operate for at least 30 minutes. This equipment shall be placed in the facility in accordance with the advice of the local fire department.
DOC 348.06(2) (2) Each facility, in collaboration with the local fire department, shall develop written plans for fire protection, evacuation, and training of staff in equipment use and evacuation.
DOC 348.06(3) (3) The evacuation plan developed under sub. (2) shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the facility.
DOC 348.06(4) (4) The sheriff or a designee shall arrange for a fire inspection by the local fire department at least once every 6 months. Documentation of inspections shall be included in facility files.
DOC 348.06(5) (5) Each facility shall have standby emergency power for all electrically operated smoke detectors, fire alarms, exit lighting and selected lighting within the facility. Emergency power shall be designed to start up automatically within 10 seconds of the failure of normal power. The emergency power source shall be capable of generating power for at least 11 2 hours.
DOC 348.06 History History: Cr. Register, August, 1987, No. 380, eff. 9-1-87.
DOC 348.07 DOC 348.07Sanitation. All facilities shall meet the requirements of ch. DHS 190. In addition:
DOC 348.07(1) (1) Clean sheets, pillowcases, blankets and towels shall be provided to each inmate upon admission;
DOC 348.07(2) (2) Blankets shall be laundered or sterilized before reissue and at least every 3 months;
DOC 348.07(3) (3) Sheets and pillowcases shall be changed and washed at least weekly;
DOC 348.07(4) (4) Clean towels and washcloths shall be issued to each inmate twice per week;
DOC 348.07(5) (5) A mattress and pillow shall be provided for each bed;
DOC 348.07(6) (6) Each mattress and pillow shall be made of fire-resistant material and covered with a fire retardant, waterproof, easy-to-sanitize material. Mattresses and pillows shall be kept in good repair and in a cleRegister January 2012 No. 673an and sanitary condition;
DOC 348.07(7) (7) Suppliers of mattresses and pillows shall provide evidence to the sheriff that the contents of their products are fire resistant and that the products are fire retardant, waterproof and easy to clean.
DOC 348.07(8) (8) Mattresses shall be at least 3 inches thick and of proper size to fit the bed.
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