Register August 2014 No. 704
Chapter DOC 350
DOC 350.01   Purpose and authority.
DOC 350.02   Applicability.
DOC 350.03   Definitions.
DOC 350.04   Construction plans.
DOC 350.05   Physical environment for new or substantially remodeled jails.
DOC 350.06   Physical environment for new or substantially remodeled jails on or after March 1, 1990 to September 1, 2014.
DOC 350.07   Physical environment of jails constructed before March 1, 1990.
DOC 350.08   Variance.
DOC 350.09   Policy and procedure manual.
DOC 350.10   Records and reporting.
DOC 350.11   Food service.
DOC 350.12   Sanitation and hygiene.
DOC 350.13   Inmate health screening.
DOC 350.14   Inmate health care.
DOC 350.15   Health care policy.
DOC 350.16   Control and administration of medications.
DOC 350.17   Suicide prevention.
DOC 350.18   Security.
DOC 350.19   Fire safety.
DOC 350.20   Double celling.
DOC 350.21   Inmate classification.
DOC 350.22   Use of force.
DOC 350.23   Use of restraints.
DOC 350.24   Discipline.
DOC 350.25   Administrative confinement.
DOC 350.26   Grievance process.
DOC 350.27   Legal access.
DOC 350.28   Indigence.
DOC 350.29   Mail.
DOC 350.30   Visitation.
DOC 350.31   Programs and services.
DOC 350.32   Religious programming.
DOC 350.33   Recreation.
DOC 350.34   Publications.
DOC 350.35   Canteen.
Ch. DOC 350 Note Note: Chapter DOC 350 as it existed on August 31, 2014, was repealed and a new ch. DOC 350 was created, Register August 2014 No. 704, effective September 1, 2014.
DOC 350.01 DOC 350.01Purpose and authority. The purpose of this chapter is to establish minimum standards for the design, construction, and operation of jails and houses of correction. The rules are promulgated under the authority of ss. 227.11 (2) (a), 301.03 (5), 301.36, 301.37, and 302.365, Stats.
DOC 350.01 History History: CR 13-038: cr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.02 DOC 350.02Applicability. This chapter applies to all jails established by counties under s. 302.30, Stats., all state-local shared correctional facilities established under s. 302.45, Stats., and all county houses of correction established under s. 303.16, Stats.
DOC 350.02 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1990, No. 410, eff. 3-1-90; CR 13-038: r. and recr. Register August 2014 No. 704, eff. 9-1-14.
DOC 350.03 DOC 350.03Definitions. In this chapter:
DOC 350.03(1) (1) “Administer" has the meaning given in s. 450.01 (1), Stats.
DOC 350.03(2) (2) “Cell" means a secure room designed and used as a sleeping room for one person confined in a jail, except that, when the jail meets the conditions for double celling under s. DOC 350.20, “cell" means a secure room designed as a sleeping room and used for sleeping one or two persons confined in a jail.
DOC 350.03(3) (3) “Confinement" means placement in a cell of a person who has been arrested and is awaiting bail or bond posting, arraignment, or another legal proceeding listed under ss. 938.208 and 938.209, Stats., for juveniles, or s. 302.31, Stats., for adults.
DOC 350.03(4) (4) “Contraband" means any item not allowed in a jail by the sheriff or by this chapter.
DOC 350.03(5) (5) “Court holding room" means a secure room outside the secure perimeter of the jail adjacent to or near courtrooms.
DOC 350.03(6) (6) “Dayroom" means an area in a jail that is readily accessible to inmates, contiguous to a group of cells or dormitory, and is designed and used for leisure or recreation activities but not for sleeping purposes.
DOC 350.03(7) (7) “Deliver" or “delivery" has the meaning given in s. 450.01 (5), Stats.
DOC 350.03(8) (8) “Department" means the Wisconsin department of corrections.
DOC 350.03(9) (9) “Detention strength" means strong enough to resist damage an inmate could inflict with tools or equipment that would normally be in his or her possession.
DOC 350.03(10) (10) “Dormitory" means a room used for sleeping purposes and designed for occupancy by two or more persons.
DOC 350.03(11) (11) “Exercise space" means a room or an area in a jail that is designated for inmate exercise and recreation.
DOC 350.03(12) (12) “Health screening form" means the form used to record information about medical, mental health, and dental conditions; physical and developmental disabilities; alcohol or other drug abuse problems; and suicide risk.
DOC 350.03(13) (13) “Holding room" means a secure room in the jail designed for holding more than one inmate of the same sex and classification for the purpose of processing admissions and releases.
DOC 350.03(14) (14) “Huber law inmate" means an inmate who has been granted the privilege of leaving a jail under s. 303.08 or 973.09 (4), Stats.
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