Register December 2006 No. 612
Chapter DOC 379
DOC 379.01   Authority and purpose.
DOC 379.02   Applicability.
DOC 379.03   Definitions.
DOC 379.04   Mail.
DOC 379.05   Publications.
DOC 379.06   News media access to youth.
DOC 379.07   Visitation.
DOC 379.08   Special events.
DOC 379.09   Access to courts, legal services and materials.
DOC 379.10   Property.
DOC 379.11   Religion.
DOC 379.12   Leisure time activities.
DOC 379.13   Education programs.
DOC 379.14   Social services.
DOC 379.15   Health services.
DOC 379.16   Food and liquids.
DOC 379.17   Clothing.
DOC 379.18   Personal hygiene.
DOC 379.19   Living quarters.
DOC 379.20   Youth funds and accounts.
DOC 379.21   Telephone calls.
Ch. DOC 379 Note Note: Chapter HSS 339 as it existed on June 30, 2000 was repealed and a new Chapter DOC 379 was created, Register, June, 2000, No. 534, effective July 1, 2000.
DOC 379.01 DOC 379.01Authority and purpose. This chapter is promulgated under the authority of ss. 227.11 (2) and 938.48 (16), Stats., to structure the resources available to youth to balance the need for public protection, youth accountability, youth skill-building and the provision of services to youth in a safe, humane and caring environment.
DOC 379.01 History History: Cr. Register, June, 2000, No. 534, eff. 7-1-00.
DOC 379.02 DOC 379.02Applicability. This chapter applies to the department and all youth who are under its supervision in a type 1 secured correctional facility consistent with the requirements of law.
DOC 379.02 History History: Cr. Register, June, 2000, No. 534, eff. 7-1-00.
DOC 379.03 DOC 379.03Definitions. In this chapter:
DOC 379.03(1) (1) “Activity group" means youth who participate in a group organized to promote educational, social, cultural or other lawful activities approved by the department.
DOC 379.03(2) (2) “Administrator" means the administrator of the division of juvenile corrections or that person's designee.
DOC 379.03(3) (3) “Agent" means a person employed by the department or a county department to provide community supervision of a youth and authorized to make decisions regarding community supervision matters.
DOC 379.03(4) (4) “Close confinement" means restriction of a youth to the youth's assigned room with a minimum of one hour of out-of-room time per day.
DOC 379.03(5) (5) “Close family member" means a youth's natural, adoptive, step and foster parents, spouse, children, grandparents or siblings. A parent surrogate is within the definition of parent if investigation substantiates that a claimed surrogate did in fact act as a parent to the youth although the parent surrogate was not an adoptive, foster or stepparent.
DOC 379.03(6) (6) “Community supervision" means the corrective sanctions program under s. 938.533, Stats., aftercare under s. 938.34 (4n), Stats., the serious juvenile offender program under s. 938.538, Stats., and type 2 secured correctional facility supervision under s. 938.539 (2), Stats.
DOC 379.03(7) (7) “Contraband" means any of the following:
DOC 379.03(7)(a) (a) Any item which subch. VI of ch. DOC 373 prohibits a youth from possessing.
DOC 379.03(7)(b) (b) Any item which is not state property and is on the institution grounds, but not in the possession of any person or in an approved location.
DOC 379.03(7)(c) (c) Stolen property.
DOC 379.03(7)(d) (d) Any item that is not on a youth's property list and is required to be.
DOC 379.03(7)(e) (e) Any item of a type that is not allowed according to posted policies and procedures.
DOC 379.03(7)(f) (f) Allowable items in excess of the quantity allowed according to policies and procedures.
DOC 379.03(7)(g) (g) Items in the possession of a youth that do not belong to the youth, except for state property issued to the youth for personal use.
DOC 379.03(7)(h) (h) Anything used as evidence in a disciplinary hearing that is deemed to be contraband by the hearing officer.
DOC 379.03(8) (8) “County department" means a county department under s. 938.02 (2g), Stats.
DOC 379.03(9) (9) “Department" means the department of corrections.
DOC 379.03(10) (10) “Gang" means a group of people that threatens, intimidates, coerces, or harasses other people or engages in activities that intentionally violate, or encourage the intentional violation of state or federal laws or regulations, municipal ordinances or institutional policies or procedures.
DOC 379.03(11) (11) “General account" means an account established to receive youth pay or allowances under s. 938.48 (13), Stats., pensions, disability payments, monetary gifts from family or any other payments to the youth from which disbursements may be made while the youth is under the supervision of the department.
DOC 379.03(12) (12) “Guardian" means the person named by the court having the duty and authority of guardianship.
DOC 379.03(13) (13) “Institution" means a type 1 secured correctional facility operated by the department.
DOC 379.03(14) (14) “Institution housing emergency" means any of the following:
DOC 379.03(14)(a) (a) The number of youth exceeds the original design bed capacity of a specific institution.
DOC 379.03(14)(b) (b) A portion of any institution's original design bed capacity becomes unavailable for use as living quarters because of fire, storm or other damage, health-threatening contamination, staff unavailability beyond the control of the institution or a disturbance, with the result that the number of youth at a specific institution exceeds the available beds.
DOC 379.03(15) (15) “Mail" includes materials such as letters, other items of correspondence and packages processed through the United States postal service or courier including but not limited to United Parcel Service, Federal Express and Dunham Express, and letters and other items of correspondence processed within an institution.
DOC 379.03(16) (16) “Major penalty" means removal from general population under s. DOC 373.80 (3).
DOC 379.03(17) (17) “Modified confinement" means restriction of a youth to the youth's assigned room with a minimum of 4 hours of out-of-room time per day.
DOC 379.03(18) (18) “No-contact visiting" means visitation during which no physical contact is permitted between a youth and a visitor.
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