DOC 393.20(1)(1)General. A youth may file a complaint to obtain administrative review of issues related to the youth's aftercare that personally affect the youth.
DOC 393.20(2) (2)Objectives. The objectives of this procedure include all of the following:
DOC 393.20(2)(a) (a) To allow youth to raise questions regarding a decision affecting their supervision.
DOC 393.20(2)(b) (b) To encourage communication and cooperation between youth and staff.
DOC 393.20(2)(c) (c) To resolve problems in an orderly and consistent manner.
DOC 393.20(3) (3)Scope. The youth complaint procedure may be used by any youth on aftercare to review a decision that affects the youth personally, except a decision regarding any of the following:
DOC 393.20(3)(a) (a) Revocation.
DOC 393.20(3)(b) (b) Custody and detention.
DOC 393.20(3)(c) (c) A violation of criminal law or ordinance.
DOC 393.20(3)(d) (d) Denial of use or possession of a firearm as governed by law.
DOC 393.20(3)(e) (e) Conduct rules or court-ordered conditions of supervision.
DOC 393.20(3)(f) (f) Discharge of a youth prior to the original discharge date of the youth's order for supervision.
DOC 393.20(3)(g) (g) Decisions of OJOR.
DOC 393.20(3)(h) (h) A rule of the department.
DOC 393.20(3)(i) (i) Matters over which the department has no authority.
DOC 393.20(3)(j) (j) An issue which a youth may appeal under this chapter or any department rule or a decision issued by the department in response to an appeal filed by a youth under this chapter or any department rule.
DOC 393.20(4) (4)Filing a complaint.
DOC 393.20(4)(a) (a) A youth may initiate a review of a decision by filing a complaint within 5 days of the decision with his or her agent. The agent shall promptly forward the complaint and a statement of the facts and the reasons for the decision to his or her supervisor.
DOC 393.20(4)(b) (b) The agent shall attempt to informally resolve the complaint. Any resolution agreed to by the agent and the youth shall be documented in the youth's file.
DOC 393.20(5) (5)Supervisor's investigation and decision.
DOC 393.20(5)(a)(a) The supervisor shall review the complaint and the agent's statement and may interview the youth or others to investigate the complaint. The supervisor shall issue a written decision within 7 days of receipt of the request for review, stating the reasons for the decision. The youth and the agent shall be given copies of the decision.
DOC 393.20(5)(b) (b) If no decision is issued within the 7 day time period, the agent's decision is affirmed and the youth may appeal under sub. (6).
DOC 393.20(6) (6)Appeal of the supervisor's decision.
DOC 393.20(6)(a)(a) The youth may appeal the supervisor's decision to the regional chief in writing within 5 days of receipt of the decision or the failure to issue a decision under sub. (5) (b). The appeal shall state the reasons for the appeal and request further review.
DOC 393.20(6)(b) (b) The regional chief shall review the youth's complaint and the supervisor's decision, may investigate the complaint and shall issue a final decision within 7 days of receipt of the appeal, stating the reasons for the decision. Copies of the decision shall be sent to the youth, the agent and the agent's supervisor.
DOC 393.20(7) (7)Effect of appeal on a disputed decision. During the period required under this section for investigation or review of any complaint, all affected parties shall comply with the decision currently under dispute.
DOC 393.20(8) (8)Expedited appeal. If the time limits provided in this section would effectively moot the complaint, the supervisor or regional chief shall make all reasonable efforts to expedite the complaint review or appeal.
DOC 393.20(9) (9)Penalties.
DOC 393.20(9)(a) (a) A youth may not be penalized for filing a complaint under this section.
DOC 393.20(9)(b) (b) Notwithstanding par. (a), a youth may be subject to discipline, including revocation of the youth's aftercare, if the youth knowingly made a false allegation or complaint.
DOC 393.20 History History: Cr. Register, June, 2000, No. 534, eff. 7-1-00.
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