Register November 2018 No. 755
Chapter HAS 2
HAS 2.01   Trainees.
HAS 2.02   Accommodations relating to a disability.
Ch. HAS 2 Note Note: Chapter Had 2 was renumbered Chapter HAS 2 under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1, Stats., Register, April, 1992, No. 436.
HAS 2.01 HAS 2.01 Trainees.
HAS 2.01(1)(1)An applicant for a trainee permit must make application on the form provided by the department. This form must be completed in full, and payment in the amount of the fee specified under s. 440.05 (6), Stats., must accompany this application.
HAS 2.01 Note Note: Applications are available on the website at or by calling (608) 266 - 2112.
HAS 2.01(2) (2)A trainee permit issued by the board entitles the trainee to practice fitting hearing instruments, make ear impressions and make measurements of human hearing, for the purpose of fitting hearing instruments, for a period of one year and only while under the direct supervision of a hearing instrument specialist or an audiologist who holds a license issued under ch. 459, Stats. The licensee is liable for the trainee's negligent acts and omissions in the fitting of hearing instruments.
HAS 2.01(3) (3)A trainee permit may be renewed or regranted only once and then only when the trainee shows sufficient cause to the board for not having completed the requirements for a permanent license.
HAS 2.01(4) (4)No more than one trainee at any given time may hold a trainee permit to practice the fitting of hearing instruments under the direct supervision of a given licensee.
HAS 2.01(5) (5)A trainee permit will be revoked by the board upon receipt of written notice, signed by the trainee's supervising licensee, stating that the licensee wishes to cease supervising such trainee.
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HAS 2.02 HAS 2.02 Accommodations relating to a disability. A qualified applicant with a disability shall be provided with reasonable accommodations requested in connection with the completion of an application for a trainee permit.
HAS 2.02 History History: Cr. Register, July, 1998, No. 511, eff. 8-1-98.
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