Register January 2002 No. 553
Chapter HEA 12
HEA 12.01   Purpose.
HEA 12.02   Student eligibility.
HEA 12.03   Grant amount.
HEA 12.01 HEA 12.01Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to define various terms of the minority undergraduate grants program authorized by s. 39.44, Stats., as to the student eligibility for grants.
HEA 12.01 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1992, No. 436, eff. 5-1-92.
HEA 12.02 HEA 12.02Student eligibility.
HEA 12.02(1) (1) The student shall be a resident of the United States, either a citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence by the federal immigration and naturalization service.
HEA 12.02(2) (2) The student shall be a Wisconsin resident as determined by the higher educational aids board using the residency standards of s. 36.27, Stats.
HEA 12.02(3) (3) The student shall be enrolled as a sophomore, junior or senior on at least a half-time basis in a technical college system institution established under ch. 38, Stats., or a private non-profit college or university in Wisconsin eligible to participate in the grant program authorized under s. 39.30, Stats.
HEA 12.02(4) (4) Students with an earned bachelor's degree are not eligible to receive a grant under this program.
HEA 12.02 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1992, No. 436, eff. 5-1-92.
HEA 12.03 HEA 12.03Grant amount.
HEA 12.03(1) (1) The student's grant award shall not exceed $2,500 per academic year.
HEA 12.03(2) (2) A student's grant eligibility shall extend for a maximum of 8 semesters or 12 academic quarters of grant eligibility.
HEA 12.03(3) (3) Grants shall be made on the basis of financial need determined by the national needs analysis as used under s. 39.435, Stats.
HEA 12.03 History History: Cr. Register, April, 1992, No. 436, eff. 5-1-92; correction in (3) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 6., Stats., Register, February, 1998, No. 506.
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