Register March 2020 No. 771
Chapter Ins 5
Subchapter I — Scope; Definitions
Ins 5.01   Purpose; applicability.
Ins 5.03   Definitions.
Subchapter II — Declaratory Ruling
Ins 5.05   Petition for declaratory ruling.
Ins 5.06   Response to petition.
Subchapter III — Investigations; Orders Issued by Office; Form Filing Disapprovals
Ins 5.07   Complaint; investigation.
Ins 5.08   Orders.
Subchapter IV — Adverse Decision of Office, Board, Plan, Fund or Council; Right to Hearing; Petition
Ins 5.09   Right to hearing before commissioner.
Ins 5.10   Right to hearing before PCF board.
Ins 5.11   Petition; response; effect.
Subchapter V — Notice of Hearing Pleadings; Form and Filing of Documents
Ins 5.12   Notice of hearing.
Ins 5.13   Answer.
Ins 5.15   Amendment of pleadings.
Ins 5.17   Papers; identification; form; filing; service.
Subchapter VI — Administrative Law Judge Authority; Sanctions
Ins 5.19   Administrative law judges.
Ins 5.21   Failure to appear, answer or comply with administrative law judge's order.
Subchapter VII — Motions; Subpoenas; Record; Miscellaneous Provisions
Ins 5.23   Appearances.
Ins 5.25   Motions.
Ins 5.27   Subpoenas.
Ins 5.29   Record of oral proceedings; transcripts.
Ins 5.31   Proceedings open to public; exceptions.
Subchapter VIII — Prehearings; Hearing Procedure
Ins 5.33   Prehearing conference.
Ins 5.35   Discovery.
Ins 5.37   Stipulations; settlement.
Ins 5.39   Hearing.
Ins 5.40   Costs to prevailing party.
Ins 5.41   Arguments; briefing.
Subchapter IX — Decisions
Ins 5.43   Proposed decision.
Ins 5.45   Final decision.
Ch. Ins 5 Note Note: Chapter Ins 5 as it existed on March 31, 1996 was repealed and a new chapter Ins 5 was created effective April 1, 1996.
subch. I of ch. Ins 5 Subchapter I — Scope; Definitions
Ins 5.01 Ins 5.01 Purpose; applicability.
Ins 5.01(1)(1)This chapter interprets subch. III of ch. 227, Stats., and ss. 102.31 (4), 153.78, 601.44 (6), and 601.62, Stats., and applies to administrative actions under the jurisdiction of the commissioner, and the PCF board.
Ins 5.01(2) (2)This chapter does not apply to rule-making hearings under subch. II of ch. 227, Stats.
Ins 5.01(3) (3)This chapter does not require a contested case proceeding before the issuance of a declaratory order under s. 601.41 (4) (b), Stats.
Ins 5.01 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1996, No. 483, eff. 4-1-96; correction in (1) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register January 2011 No. 661; CR 18-092: am. (1) Register March 2020 No. 771, eff. 4-1-20.
Ins 5.03 Ins 5.03 Definitions. In this chapter:
Ins 5.03(1) (1)“Commissioner" means the commissioner of insurance or the deputy commissioner of insurance acting under s. 601.11 (1) (b), Stats.
Ins 5.03(2) (2)“Contested case" has the meaning given in s. 227.01 (3), Stats.
Ins 5.03(3) (3)“Declaratory ruling" means an administrative decision by the commissioner or a board which, after a contested case proceeding, determines the applicability of a statute or rule enforced by the commissioner to any person, property or state of facts.
Ins 5.03(4) (4)“Hearing" means the trial of the issues in a contested case.
Ins 5.03(6) (6)“License" means any license, permit, approval, certificate of authority, certificate of registration or similar form of permission required by law and issued under chs. 601 to 655, Stats.
Ins 5.03(7) (7)“Office" means the office of the commissioner.
Ins 5.03(8) (8)“PCF board" means the board of governors of the Wisconsin health care liability insurance plan and patients compensation fund established under s. 619.04 (3), Stats.
Ins 5.03(9) (9)“Person" means a natural person, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, cooperative, association, trust, other business entity or government entity.
Ins 5.03(10) (10)“Subpoena" means a command to give testimony or provide evidence.
Ins 5.03 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1996, No. 483, eff. 4-1-96; correction in (5) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register June 2005 No. 594; CR 18-092: r. (5) Register March 2020 No. 771, eff. 4-1-20.
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