Register July 2023 No. 811
Chapter Ins 6
Ins 6.01   Foreign company to operate 2 years before admission.
Ins 6.02   Company to transact a kind of insurance 2 years before admission.
Ins 6.03   Domestication of nondomestic insurer.
Ins 6.05   Filing of insurance forms.
Ins 6.06   Minimum documentation in support of rate filings.
Ins 6.07   Insurance policy language simplification.
Ins 6.08   Claimant representatives.
Ins 6.09   Prohibited acts by captive agents of lending institutions and others.
Ins 6.10   Property and casualty premium restrictions.
Ins 6.11   Insurance claim settlement practices.
Ins 6.12   Qualification of actuaries.
Ins 6.13   Open records; privileged or confidential records.
Ins 6.17   Regulation of surplus lines insurance.
Ins 6.18   Reporting and payment of tax by unauthorized insurers transacting business in violation of law.
Ins 6.19   Reporting and taxation of directly placed unauthorized insurance.
Ins 6.20   Investments of insurance companies.
Ins 6.25   Joint underwriting and joint reinsurance associations.
Ins 6.30   Instructions for uniform classifications of expenses of fire and marine and casualty and surety insurers.
Ins 6.31   Interpretations of the instructions for uniform classifications of expenses of fire and marine and casualty and surety insurers.
Ins 6.35   Petroleum storage environmental cleanup fund; exclusions from reimbursement.
Ins 6.40   Proxies, consents and authorizations of domestic stock insurers.
Ins 6.41   Insider trading of equity securities of domestic stock insurers.
Ins 6.42   Initial statement of beneficial ownership of securities.
Ins 6.43   Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities.
Ins 6.50   Kinds of individual intermediary or agent licenses.
Ins 6.51   Group life and disability coverage termination and replacement.
Ins 6.52   Biographical data relating to company officers and directors.
Ins 6.54   Prohibited classification of risks for rating purposes.
Ins 6.55   Discrimination based on sex, unfair trade practice.
Ins 6.57   Appointment of insurance agents by insurers.
Ins 6.58   Licensing of insurance intermediary firms as insurance agents.
Ins 6.59   Licensing of individuals as agents, reinsurance intermediaries, or managing general agents (s. 628.04, Stats.).
Ins 6.595   Exemption of licensing of individuals as intermediaries.
Ins 6.60   Prohibited business practices.
Ins 6.61   Intermediary records.
Ins 6.62   Filing requirements for multiple employer trusts and associations.
Ins 6.63   Regulation charge.
Ins 6.66   Proper exchange of business.
Ins 6.67   Unfair discrimination in life and disability insurance.
Ins 6.68   Unfair discrimination based on geographic location or age of risk.
Ins 6.70   Combinations of lines and classes of insurance.
Ins 6.72   Risk limitations.
Ins 6.74   Suretyship and risk limitations of surety obligations.
Ins 6.75   Classifications of insurance.
Ins 6.76   Grounds for disapproval of and authorized clauses for fire, inland marine and other property insurance forms.
Ins 6.77   Exemption from mid-term cancellation requirements.
Ins 6.78   Exemption from filing of rates.
Ins 6.785   Exemption from rate and form filing requirements.
Ins 6.79   Advisory councils and committees.
Ins 6.80   Retention of records.
Ins 6.85   Notification of a person's right to file a complaint with the commissioner.
Ins 6.90   Prohibited uses of senior-specific designations.
Ins 6.91   Definitions.
Ins 6.92   Individual navigators.
Ins 6.93   Registration of navigator entities.
Ins 6.95   Registration of certified application counselors, nonnavigator assisters and nonnavigator assister entities.
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